Singing in The Rain Brianna Walsh The Use of Singing and Dance in Singin’ In the Rain Singin’ In the Rain is a fantastic movie that shows the transition between silent films and “talkies. ” This film, however, would have no impact what so ever if it were not a musical. The dancing in the movie gave it something different making the movie a classic, while the singing gave the premise of the movie. Lina Lamont would be the first problem with a normal film. If the movie did not have singing, the impact of how bad her voice really was would not be heard.

The shocking shrill of her voice is really the premise of the whole movie.To really be appreciated, Lina waited a little before talking in the movie creating anticipation in the viewers. Her lack of dancing abilities just furthered her distance from the “talkies” and made the audience root against her. Kathy Selden really shined in this movie because of the singing and dancing. Her voice was fantastic and her dancing, especially paired with Don Lockwood, was better than many audiences had ever seen before.

Without these two aspects in place, Kathy would not have been as likeable and her position as the underdog would have affected how the audience viewed her.Don Lockwood swooned all the ladies in this film with his charming singing and amazing tap dancing. He was really the star, in my eyes, of both of the categories. He was impossible to look away from because of his complicated choreography with his co-stars. Don would be nothing in this film if not for the singing and dancing.

His part in the film would lessen immensely and he wouldn’t have made such an impact with the viewers. This film is a classic in American history solely because of the singing and dancing scenes. If these two things were not included in the film, it would have been lost among other movies of the time.


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