“When the doctors came they said she had died of heart disease—of joy that kills. ” MLA Formatted Essay Writing/ TIIC Writing Assignment: Submit a fully developed 3 paragraph essay to turnitin. com in response to the following question: Early in the story we learn that Mrs. Mallard is “afflicted with heart trouble,” though her unexpected reaction to her husband’s death may suggest an alternative reason for her poor health. What was the cause of Mrs. Mallard’s Death? Explain your point of view/argument citing the short story for support.

Assignment Criteria: • 3 paragraphs/ MLA Format (could be longer if necessary) • Paragraph 1 (Introduction) includes: -hook -thesis statement identifying the reason you believe Mrs. Mallard died -explanation of thesis -concluding sentence • Paragraph 2 (large body) includes: -Topic sentence -quote/textual support -commentary -quote/textual support -commentary -quote/textual support -commentary -concluding sentence • Paragraph 3 (conclusion) includes: -Restated thesis -final “call to action” or message you want to leave with reader •Must provide in text citations as well as a work cited page to accompany your essay. -Text source information to use for your citations: “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin Published by Perfection Learning, 2001 You may find it useful to consider the following questions: ? What do the characters in the story believe caused Mrs. Mallard’s Death? ? What lead them to this conclusion? ? What do you, as the reader know that the other characters do not? ? What does Chopin mean by “the joy that kills? ” How would Mrs.

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Mallard’s family interpret this quote differently than Mrs. Mallard, herself, would?


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