Everybody and an approach to business. Secondly, besides

has a dream. A cheering picture of the future that energizes our emotions and
the mind. It is often the most; if not the only important aspect of life. For me, understanding business and
gaining the best sales and marketing skills is the blueprint of my potential
and purpose. Reason being, my ultimate goal is to run a successful business in
the near future.

I have
come to the enlightenment that in order to be successful in business, having
the right knowledge about business in general and more so gaining practicable
marketing skills is essential. To support effective
planning and decision making, a vast knowledge of
business is mandatory. In order to have the best team of professional business
people and attract customers, marketing is inevitable. That is why I pursued a bachelor in business administration with an emphasis in finance. I have a longing desire
to understand analytical methods and statistics that will enable me to extract valuable business skills and
strategies. For this reason, I have found the need to enroll for a master of
science in Business Analytics (MSBA); specifically at UCI Paul Merage School of
Business due to the high regard I have for the school.

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already have a diploma in programming and had enrolled in master level MSIT
where I took classed in SQL. My decision to transfer to UCI is found in deep and intense research. However, the decision
to join UCI Paul Merage School of Business is one that I have made with the
consideration of various aspects. Personally, I have 6 years of work experience
within which I have learned the
importance of understanding analytical and statistical skills with a balance
and an approach to business. Secondly,
besides understanding these skills, I have found it necessary to have them in
order to land a good and paying job that will help me start up my own business.
My interest in gaining numerous skills that relate to business and technology
is based on the fact that these skills are a must-have in order to succeed in
the world of business. Moreover, technology is changing the way we run
businesses and so should we.

exceptional success in businesses and corporations ran by graduates of UCI
Merage School of Business is the main drive for me to seek acceptance. I
strongly believe that UCI Merage will impact me with the skills I need for
business and together we can make the world a better place for all.