Excessively few staff. The test of excessively few staff (refered
to by 38 percent of respondents) is obvious thinking about the supplier
deficiency. CareerBuilder’s work weight investigation rates deficiencies around
an estimation of one, which shows an equivalent number of employment searchers
to new postings. The normal weight proportion between Oct. 2009 and Oct. 2010
for enlisted medical attendants was 0.26, proposing a greater number of
positions exist than qualified applicants. To put the number in context,
examination weights for a similar day and age were 0.71 for bookkeepers and
inspectors, 2.12 for client benefit agents and 3.72 for secretaries. Also,
chose social insurance positions are relied upon to develop considerably from
2008-2018: Registered medical attendant positions are anticipated to encounter
a 22 percent expansion, doctor partners a 39 percent expansion and LPNs a 21
percent expansion.


Poor pay. 40% of medicinal services workers trusted poor
compensation was an issue at their employments. CareerBuilder specialists
thought that it was fascinating that pay was positioned so low; while 40
percent distinguished the issue as a noteworthy test, nearly the same number of
individuals (37 percent) said the poor culture of the association was a test.
While chairmen may expect that compensation is the main driver behind worker
maintenance, the outcomes recommend something else: Creating a workplace where
representatives are urged to seek after objectives is more critical than giving
aggressive pay. For medical caretakers, poor compensation was less of an issue,
with 35 percent of attendants refering to pay as an issue contrasted with 42
percent of other medicinal services specialists.


Work overload, As indicate by the CareerBuilder study, the contractor
lack is hitting each medicinal services organization in the nation — mainly
with regards to attendants. 40% of medicinal services specialist reacted that
they experienced by work overload at their employments; the number jump to 48
percent when the pool was limited to just entourage. The overview likewise renowned
a key turnover issue in medicinal services specialists going up against extra
obligations over their solace level. The supplier lack implies less staff
individuals must gap a noteworthy workload, pushing a few representatives to
the edge of fatigue and diminishing employment fulfillment significantly.

In the society there are a lot of chronic diseases this is caused
by lack of exercise, as people who have cars don’t intend to walk anymore as
they always using their car whenever they need to go out. Which this is the
biggest weakness that everyone in the society has. But in the U.S they have the
best statistics in the world for surviving a heart attack, stock and cancer. Tere
is one study in Lancet from 2007; American women’s have 63% chances of suring
frm atlest 5 years after being diagnosed with cancer compare to the 56%of the
European women’s. Also for the men’s  in
America its 66% compare to 47% of European men’s.

2014 The Authors. Published by
Elsevier Ltd


In the late 1950s Dr. Safar made improvement on the
transport of patient to the hospitals utilize fully equipped ambulances staffed
with emergency medical technicians rather than having the ordinary station
Wagon or the hearses that were being used. He has also been credited for making
the first 24 hour intensive care unit in the United States.

Clara Barton was volunteer who wanted to help with the
nursing care to the soldiers to be because she wanted to help meet the goals of
the sanitary commissions. She was assist by Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell who worked
with Florence Nightingale in England and that she was the first female to graduate
from the medical schools in the U.S

7 years later, the pioneer was hard at work ministering the
soldiers about different war. As the American civil as began in 1861, the
sanity commission found that the partnership of the relief organization, as it
was a lesson learned from the Crimean war for having clean and healthy
conditions in the union army camps and hospitals.

The improvement has been made this was by admitting all the soldiers
to the hospital, trying to save their life and making sure there was not many

In 1854, the British were fighting in Crimea; this was
because they wanted the Russians to leave the Turkish territories of Moldavia
and Wallachia. But the Cholera and diarrhoea were responsible for the whole argument;
however the British argument send a group of nurses to turkey to help care
for   Florence Nightingale and his
people. But for the 6 months o the arrival of Florence Nightingale, the
mortality is from the disease has been dropped down from 42.7% to 2.2%.

The healthcare in the 21st century were more
forcus about the policy and thye wanted improve improve the healthcare into
thir population. But in the time period the healthcare quality had made their
improvement with that as well they were key historical events that were improved
as well in the years 1860-1960 this includes the innovation, financing and the

It is important for the healthcare to find out every details
of their patients the above list are the things that the healthcare should
focus about, as the healthcare has to look after their patients so its
important for the healthcare to know every information about their patients as
they would know how to help their patients.

Patient system review, e.g. check patient body

Patients outside history, e.g. does the patient
smoke, drinks or takes drug or their living status

Patient family history

Medicines history, which drugs have they been
taking in the past or they taking in the present

Past medical history which include their past
illnesses or diseases

Dealing with complaints which may include the
treatment and investigations

The history of patient care will depend on the symptoms,
patient concerns and the past medical such as psychological. The basic history
of patients care is;

History and


The improvement in nursing is that making the healthcare
safe for the patients and that it is effective, patient centred, timely efficient
and equitable. In some sources it says the history of NHS is there has never
been such focus on improving the quality of the health services.

Patient care is about making some time for your patients so
that you could help them and make them feel better. Patient care is the biggest
role as a nurse as you take some time off to learn about your patients and what
are they needs so you could help them. Also patient care is when you talk to
your patients having a conversation about things so that the patients would
feel happy as they have someone to talk to and say their problems with. If
you’re a patient’s care then it would build a good relationship between you and
your patients and that when it starts to build trustworthy with you and the
patients. If you’re a patient care you cannot force your patients to do things
that they don’t. For an example for this is that all the patients have the
right to decline their treatment or even accept them but they decisions should
be supported and understand. So the patient care can’t force their patient to
accept their decisions if the patient aren’t happy about it. The health and
social care professionals ensure that they make their patients aware of that
thye have the right to accept or decline thwor treatment and whatever decision
hey make their descions will be respected and supported. Patient care is also
about you treated the patients with dignity, respect, honestly, and that are
supported and understanding.

For my research I have decided to research about the patient
care. The question for my research can be, are patients given quality health
care? The reason why I have decided to research about this is because in busy
season the nurses get stress out as it’s very busy and they’re a lot of
patients to take care of, and that nurses have to work long hours shift on busy


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