how your health does relates/affects your self-esteem?

We were all born and raised by
our parents, growing up with parents who gave us positive feelings about
ourselves will usually lead in having a high self-esteem because our mental
health is healthy, however growing up with parents who constantly gave negative
feelings will not just lead into having an unhealthy mental health but also lead
in having a low self-esteem as its usually earned from bad experiences.

Investigations bring indicated
that practically kids under the age of one, are happy individuals. As we all
develop and experience failures, we need to learn from them and perceive the
great done the individuals encounters. That will bring tolerating our mistakes,
taking in from them and pushing ahead. It is critical on get it and acknowledge
that we are not destined to be an awful person. When that is accepted, we will
get it that we might do something about our negative feeling, understand that
kind of feeling is not inherited and unchangeable is vital.

Health is simply a dependent on
our positive and negative thoughts. To maintain a good self-esteem, we need to
have our mind filled with nothing but positivity. However, it is not east to
manage the negative thoughts and make positive changes in our lives. Most of
our daily thoughts can be negative, which has a huge influence on the
self-esteem. Thinking negatively will cause us to feel less worthy of
ourselves, because it will lead us to having a negative visual idea about
ourselves which will cause us to feel ugly and a bad person. Which then, we
behave that way.

Anger and depression has a major
influence on our self-esteem as it affects directly on our health. Our body
will simply become tired after defending the negative and stressful thoughts.
Instead of seeing ourselves as bad or inadequate people, we can view ourselves
as winners or good people which instead will get us to having a sense of a high

When self-esteem is low, we feel
terrible about ourselves over half of the time. We would view things basically
starting with a negative viewpoint Also accordingly we would encounter negative
feelings. This brings a progressing negative stress, which may be frequently
felt as fear, anger, worry. This steady trouble stress would extremely strain
our bodies which will lead to having many types of distress-relates health
problems as our body tried to fight this constant negative stress.


what extent does your family’s health history can determine your own health?
Explain and give examples.

A family medical history involves
a record of health information about a person and his relatives. A complete
record includes information from three generation of relatives. Families share
many factors that include their lifestyle, environment, and genes. Together,
these factors can help give hints about medical conditions that may run in a
family. By studying patterns of disorders among relatives, healthcare
specialists can determine whether a person, other family members, or future
generations may be at an increased risk of developing a specific condition.

Discovering and realizing our
family health history is vital. Our medical history includes all the traits our
family shares that we cant visualize. These
traits may increase out risk for many conditions and diseases that are
inherited which includes:




Alzheimer’s disease



High blood pressure

Our health can be determined by
our family’s health history to an extend to mental health, depression for
example a person with a relative who suffers from depression is almost five
times as likely to develop it.

Many researchers suppose it is
not a singular gene that puts an individual at risk for mental illness. It is
more likely to be a combination of genes that lead to the disorder. The causes
of bipolar disorder and anxiety disorders may also be traced to a combination
of genetic factors.








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