Facebook and Twitter havetaken a new direction alongside news feed coming up as videos, which then resultsto exposure of these new formats. News is moving through different shifts, oneof them is the speed and amount of people who have the advantage and is able toaccess journalism by using their phones and any other type device, and theother one is the enlargement of people who read and watch the news by havingthe ability to use social media such as Twitter, Facebook, You-tube and Snapchat.How the world changed social media written by Daniel Miller stated  ‘Studies of social media specific platformsincluding books and paper devoted to one platform such as Facebook and Twitter,it is important to understand twitter as a platform’ (Miller, 2016) pg1The alluring thing about this is the increaseand the quickness of change, and the change and affect it has for journalismand journalists in general. ‘Who is a journalist’ is the question that is thepeople to this day ask and now what people are more enthusiastic about inasking is ‘Who was this published by’. News organisations and companies havecome to the realization to be able to grab the reader’s attention they have topublish through the social platforms, by doing it this way they stand a muchbetter chance of viewers paying attention to what is being published and whatis happening.

Ever since social media got involved it has created a better wayfor people to connect with different things, the news being one of them, and inthis generation that is all young readers care about is social media and whatthey can get from it, and it is a fantastic way of getting young readersinvolved by sharing posts and even commenting


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