Facility operation is defined as the services required to ensure a facility
will do what it is designed to do. Facility operations typically includes the
day to day operations of the facility. Depending on the industry, each facility
will operate differently.


Facilities operations manager is
often shortened to facilities manager, operations manager, warehouse manager or
general manager. They oversee daily operations at factories, retail stores,
storage structures, offices and other organizational spaces. Depending on the
size of their companies, such managers might oversee one branch or several
locations. The primary responsibility of a facilities operations manager is to
ensure that day-to-day functions follow the strategies of the chief executive
officer in advancing the goals of the organization. Behind only the CEO in
authority and responsibility, these managers often walk through their
facilities to inspect the progress of all projects first-hand. They meet with
department heads and employees, determine staffing requirements and promote
subordinates to become heads of departments. They also formulate company-wide
policies and find the most efficient ways to implement them. Operations
managers are often groomed to take over CEO positions.


As a facility manager you are deeply
involved in the everyday management of maintenance employees on the premises.
The facility manager organizes these employees into teams to meet the goals of
the business. You also may work to develop and implement employee schedules and
deal with any minor problems that arise between employees. As facility manager,
you are also responsible for complying with all local and state safety
requirements for the building including employee training, facility inspections
and security of the premises. Maintenance is an all-encompassing category that
includes the building, premises and any equipment located on the property. It
is one of the most important priorities for the facility manager to make sure
that these areas are properly maintained and kept in good working order. As
facility manager you are also responsible for the cleanliness of the property,
making sure that any vending or catering that takes place on premises meets
code requirements, and managing the space in the building so that it is used


Facility managers oversee negotiating
contracts with clients and vendors who work on company property. These
contracts can range from advertising to lawn care and catering. Before agreeing
to contract services from a vendor, as facility manager you obtain bids for the
service from different providers to make sure that your facility is receiving
the maximum benefit for the money that is being spent. Once a price is agreed
upon, you are responsible for drafting and reviewing any necessary contracts as
well as preparing documentation or presentations on the work being done for
company owners. Once work has commenced, you must make sure that the work is
completed on time and according to the contracted agreement. Another large part
of the facility manager’s responsibility is to manage operational costs. You
must search out ways to cut costs while adequately maintaining the business
premises. You must create a budget for all expenditures from your department
and work throughout the year to keep costs within the budgeted amount,
adjusting on an emergency basis. As facility manager, it is your responsibility
to make sure that the business is budgeting effectively and that every
expenditure works toward creating a more efficient work environment.


For any type of service organization, customer is one of the most
important factors. The more the service organization has the customers, the
more the organization is success in the market. The facilities manager of the
service must be responsible to their customers. The responsibilities of a
facilities manager have toward customers using facility is customer service,
customer satisfaction, customer retention and customer empathy. Customer
service is the most significant factor for the Hotel Business. Customers always
expect better service with low cost. The facilities manager of the Hotel must
ensure the quality of services is satisfactorily to the customers in the
organization. If the customer service is not satisfied to the customers, the
customers will not return to the hotel and the hotel will lose the customers.
In the hotel business, customers are the most important factor for succession.
The more the service organization has the customers, the more the organization
is success in the market. So, the facilities manager must be concerned about
the customer satisfaction in the organization. Every day the Hotel gets a
number new customer. The facilities manager must provide service such way that
retain the customers. Customer’s retention is one of the most significant
factors to achieve the organization’s goal. The more the service organization
has the customers, the more the organization is success in the market. Customer
empathy refers to give equal priority to all customers in the organization. The
facilities manager must be concerned about the customer empathy. The manager
should give priority to the regular customers than the irregular customers


Employers and funding agencies significantly affect the facilities
operations of the Hotel. Funding agencies provide financial support to the
business organization. When the Hotel cannot accommodate the capital to run a
large operation, funding agencies provide required funding to run the
operation. The Hotel must conduct many suppliers to provide operations
facilities. The employer makes an agreement with the vital suppliers to take
advantage and get regular supplies. For example, most of the customers in the Hotel
like coco cola soft drinks and the demand of the coco cola is high in the market.
The employers of the Hotel arrange an agreement to get regular supply of coco
cola with low cost. This agreement ensures the better quality of product and
regular supply of the product that enhances the facilities operations in the


In conclusion, facility manager assures the effective functioning of a facility to
provide an efficient and safe working environment for employees and their
activities by using best business practices to manage resources, services and
processes to meet the needs of the company. For example, facility manager develops
and implement a facility management program including preventative maintenance
and life-cycle requirements.


Task 1 (ii)


The regulatory organizations of the United Kingdom make the
statutory regulations to ensure the safety of the public health.  Statutory regulations affect the operations
facilities of the Hotel in many processes and protected poor food practices in
the organization. Every company must obey the rules and restrictions of the statutory
regulations otherwise it will be enforceable by the law. The facilities
operations manager of the Levin Hotel should concern about the statutory
regulations of the country. The managers must be confirmed that the environment
and food practices of the Hotel is hygienic and not harmful for the public


The facilities operations manager must be conscious about the
employee’s facilities in the organization. The authority of the Hotel should
provide the employees vacations, holidays in every week and anniversary
program. The employees’ facilities operations motivate the employees to work
cordially for the success of the organization and to achieve the goal.


When the organization extends day to day, the cost of operations is
increased. The facilities manager should be concerned about the health, safety
and environmental issues when the organization gets longer. The facilities
manager implements the healthy, safety and environmental measurement in the
following ways, maintaining operations instrument, training and improvement to
employees, computer and information technology and checking quality after a


The Hotel must maintain the operation instrument of the organization
that ensures the health and safety environment. If organization does not
properly maintain its operation instruments, the Hotel will not provide health
and safety environment to its customers. The organization should provide
training program to its employees for the jobs which are new for them to
maintain health and safety and provide different development courses to its
existing employees to improve the quality of them. The Hotel must ensure the
proper utilization of the computer and information technology to maintain
health and safety of the consumers. The misuses of technology can be threat for
the organizational activity, so the facilities managers should conscious about
this. The facilities manager of the Hotel needs to check the quality of
employees after a period time to maintain health and safety environment in the
organization. if the quality of employees is not satisfactory with the
organization’s goal, the company must provide development program to improve
the quality of the employees


To measure health and safety in the services organizations, the
facilities manager must keep proper record. To maintain statutory regulations
of the organization’s health and safety, the facilities managers required to
keep record all kinds of information relevant to employees of the organization
like that the age of employees, family size of the employees, ethnicity and
material status of the employees. By documenting these employees’ information,
the organization can employ the right staff on right place. The regulation
authority of the United Kingdom makes the statutory regulations and
restrictions for the business organizations. The statutory regulation is
influenced the country’s cultures. The facilities managers should document the
statutory regulation to conduct its business activities. If the organization
does not record the statutory regulation, the organization will not run its
business activities with the terms of law.


The Hotel must keep proper recording to account for compliance with
statutory regulations and health, safety and environmental measures like that
the information relating with the quality of employees and auditing the
performance of the employees. The facilities managers instruct the operational
managers about the health, safety and environmental issues of the organization.
The operational management must keep recording the instructions from the
facilities manager to maintain the statutory regulations.


Information and communication system in the service organization are
significant. The facilities operations manager requires sufficient information
about customers and employees of the organization to appropriately monitor and
motivate them. The Hotel can offer the package to the customer that is
preferable to them by collecting customers’ behavioral information. And the
organization can easily handle and monitor the employees of the organization
through collecting information about their cultures, societies and behaviors.
The Hotel uses the information technology to collect and store the information
relating to customers and employees. The success of the service organization
mostly depends on an effective communication system. The communication system
of the Hotel should be smooth that covers the organization network. If the
communication system is not effective, the employees of the organization will
not get necessary information to conduct operations.


The Hotel must develop an effective system to process information
and maintain communication in the organization. Through the system the
organization can easily store and update the information; provides notification
to the organization about different ceremony and anniversary about the
employees and customers. The Hotel authority must develop a system by which the
organization can easily communicate all the employees and provide memorable
notification to the customers.


The facilities manager must develop a
control system to operate the employees of the organization. The control system
should be effective and acceptable to the employees. Through the system the
organization evaluate the performance and quality of the employees. To develop
such an effective control system is difficult for the facilities operations
mangers. The facilities operation manager must work hard and be responsible to
his work to develop an effective control system. Many control systems use in
the service organization for the facilities operation manager such as email
recording of the employees, spot check of working place and monitoring the
working environment of the organization to control employees.


The Hotel must implement the control
system that monitors the activities of the employees and giving immediate
feedback to them. Through effective control systems the organization can easily
evaluate the quality of services and can improve the organization’s services by
proper instruction. The facilities managers can collect information about the
employees and customers through the control system and motivate the employees
to achieve the organization’s goal. To implement the control systems in the
organization, many unethical occurrences occurred in the organization. For
example, when the facilities manager monitors the personal emails of the
employees, it is one type of stealth information about the employees of the


The facilities manager must develop a
control system to support effective building management in the
organization.  The system should be
effective and acceptable to the employees to manage and control the employees.
The facilities operation manager must work hard and be responsible to his work
to develop an effective control system to support an effective building
management. The Hotel must implement the control system that monitors the
activities of the employees and active manage the employees through the
developing management system. Through effective control systems the
organization can easily evaluate the quality of services and can improve the
organization’s services by proper instruction.


Task 2


It is important to measure the effectiveness of the
company’s quality & effectiveness of operations. If the measurement results
in something unpleasant, it is certain that the company is on the way of a
downgraded spiral. While assessing the quality & evaluation of the ABC
Hotel operations, the result was pleasant. All the results show that ABC Hotel
is doing great in almost all areas of operations as it is always concern about
the quality of the services and the performance of the employees. The ABC Hotel
maintains a well-managed system that properly regulates employee and the
quality of their work in operations. Most often the ABC Hotel gives various
offerings to the employees along with a balance in wok & social life. All
these things show the effectiveness of the ABC Hotel’s success in managing the
business and the business’s operations. The effectiveness can also be seen in
managing the costs of the business by proper forecasting and anticipating, and
carrying out certain operations in different global locations. It has a good
supply chain management system. Thus, interaction with each other is not that
much hard that consume lots of time and effort. Using of technology to serve
its customer is another example of quality service and the effectiveness of the
operations at the ABC Hotel.


ABC Hotel is one of the most popular hotels in Malaysia.
Thus, it is always concern about the growth of the company. The management of
the company regularly checks, balances, and assigns necessary control to
facilitate operation managers for maintaining the quality & outcomes of
operations. For instances, ABC Hotel provides training and development to the
employees so that they can easily understand how to cut a good result in their
operations. ABC Hotel provides various offering to improve the performance of
the employees. This company makes employees loyal to the company as the company
provides rest and compensating offering to them. On the other hand, monitoring
the customer and reviewing the feedback of them enhance and facilitate the
operations of ABC Hotel. Another procedure of analysing the quality &
effectiveness is comparing the performance and outcome against the earlier made
goal of the company.


hotel is one of the most attractive boutique hotels near Bukit Bintang and it
has more than eight thousand worldwide. The authority of the Hotel must manage
its facilities and resources to gain competitive advantages in the market. The
customers and employees are the key assets of the Hotel Business. To attain a
sustainable comparative advantage in the market, facilities management
operation is one the most significant factors and strategic issues for the
service organization. If the business organizations do not provide expected
facilities to the customers, the customers will not return to such types of
service organizations.


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