FACTS:Julia: Their art had some things such as painting, sculpting, writing, jewelryIn their paintings, they mostly used the colors black, blue, red, green and gold. Most of the art in ancient had to do with religion Some say that they put paintings in the pharaohs tombs to help them with their afterlifeSome of the painting on the walls of the tombs had things such as them happy in their afterlife or a couple of scenes of them in the afterlifeIn most of the temples, they had a lot of paintings on the walls and they also had  a lot statues of their godsAncient egyptians thought that diseases would have came from the gods, spirits, and demonsThe doctors back then believed that the “medicine” was a prayer combined with natural remedies Ancient egyptian doctors were very smart and knew that they had a pulse Following up on fact #9, they were also smart enough to record all their data The doctors told people to always shave their bodies and wash their hands to not get any infections They also told people to always watch what they eat. Since the doctors documented all their medical data on the papyri, when archeologists found them, it showed how the doctors back then had pretty good knowledge of the bones in a body, the pulse, the heart, and a bit of the brain and liverAyesha: A lot of Ancient Egyptian art was not meant to be seen by the ‘normal people’ or the commoners.

It was created to be viewed by the higher classed people and it was “too powerful to be viewed by the general public” Some of the art was created for sacred, meaning religious, or magical purposes. The majority of art hidden in the tombs has been stolen over thousands of years. Ancient Egyptian ‘medical care’ started in 3300 BC to 525 BC The Ancient Egyptian doctors advised people to shave their hair off to prevent infections Many of the Ancient Egyptian painting survived for thousands of years because of the extremely dry climate of the area.

The Ancient Egyptians believed that these painting and pieces of artwork would help people in their after life. The Ebers Papyrus has over 700 remedies  Ancient Egyptian doctors were trained and good at first aid. They could successfully fix broken bones and dislocated joints They could also perform a few surgeries.

When Ancient Egyptian art looks the same it is viewed as a good thing The Ancient Egyptian History developed very slowly over different periods of time.Tammy:Priests were the first people to try/practice the medicine as well as scribesImhotep is considered to be the father of medicine by the people of Ancient Egypt.Ancient Egyptian doctors were very advanced and knew their herbal remedies very well.Other than practicing spiritual healing and other techniques like herbal medicine they practiced massage.Almost of their medical knowledge came from the discoveries of the papyrus document.Numeros Ancient Egypt doctors and priests believed that disease might have been caused by spiritual beings While surgeries are in progress the doctors take the organs that are not needed and places it into a jar along with spices, and that jar is put in their tomb when they die.

Plants like herbs were used to cure some pains.Most art was found on wall.Each color in the painting had a special meaningDuring the Middle Kingdom the Paintings mainly focused on the Pharaohs.

They used their hairline and their palms to measure the lengths of the drawing. Ancient Egyptian Art is around 5,000 years old.The ancient Egyptians had a leg up so to speak, on the rest of the ancient world when it came to medicine. Egyptians gained great knowledge of anatomy because of the practice of removing human organsThey were so advanced in their understanding of the human bodyThe ancient Egyptians were traders, and travelled long distances, coming back with herbs and spices from faraway lands.The medicine in Ancient Egypt was highly advanced for its timeThe doctors and the medicine back then were very successful


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