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p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0. 0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px ‘Times New Roman’; -webkit-text-stroke: #000000} span. s1 {font-kerning: none} span.Apple-tab-span {white-space:pre} Introduction Authors fabricate lies in their characters. Their characters wear masks to hide their emotions, ambitions, and truths. Many reasons are behind this inclination. Some desire to manipulate others to get what they truly yearn for, such as authority. Some do it for the false humility. This proclivity parallels in Othello by William Shakespeare. Othello as a tragic hero is unable to determine the true intentions of others, which eventually causes his gradual downfall. Therefore, I was curious to investigate […]

MATRICS and is in support of improving cognition

MATRICS ConsensusCognitive Batter (MCCB) Test CritiqueTheMATRICS Consensus Cognitive Battery (MCCB) was developed by pharmacological associates and originally developed to be anendpoint for cognitive enhancement clinical trials, in hopes to better develop cognition in schizophrenia.(Nuechterlein etal. , 2008, Kern et al., 2008).To date, there is limited data concerning the clinical and cognitive correlatesof the battery. Three recent studies demonstrate the sensitivity of the batteryto the general severity and pattern of cognitive impairments expected in peoplewith schizophrenia  Today, the Measurement and TreatmentResearch to Improve Cognition in Schizophrenia (MAATRICS) is a standardizedtest used for adults who suffer with schizophrenia or other disorders which […]

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One model of thinking and decision-making is the theory of planned behavior which was developed by Ajzen in 2006?. Ajzen wanted to determine the different factors that persevere people in completing their plans and goals. This model shows how humans can change a behavior such as overcoming an addiction. It proposes that behavior is controlled by intentions. Intentions differentiate in strength and are influenced by three components: beliefs about a behavior, subjective norms about that behavior, and beliefs about how one can control that behavior. These factors play a part in one’s intention to implement the planned behavior. When the […]

Why This statement couldn’t be anymore wrong. Iago

Why is Iago guilty you may ask? Well he’s a manipulative sociopath who should be responsible for his heinous crimes. Iago is one of the main characters in the dramatic play Othello, by shakespeare. In the play, Othello, the main character, was in love with a beautiful woman named desdemona, but not only did he have the girl, he had a very honorable and desirable position as a General. Iago grew jealous and plotted against Othello so that he could gain power for himself. Iago is manipulative and deceiving, that’s why he’s responsible for all the deaths in the play […]

ONE Its in-built Swiss Sensirion features can measure

ONE ARTICLE ABOUT THE XIAOMI THERMOMETER HYGROMETERIntroductionOnce again, the Xiaomi introducesa smart thermometer hygrometer into the electronics market which incorporates diversetechnology from long lasting battery to facial expression display.For the city?Of course, this Xiaomithermometer hygrometer device is useful in medical room, colleges, office desk,sitting rooms. Others are kitchenette, bathroom and many other locations youmay think of that needs coldness or hotness and humidity observation. For thosewho travel a lot, and want no more luggage, it’s small, compact and light inweight.Features and BenefitsThis Xiaomi device is manufacturedfrom a PC/ABS and PMMA materials. They are eco-friendly, this means less or no pollution. […]

I Earth is separated from the material world

Istrongly disagree with the ideas surrounding monism and the convictions that thebody is the only aspect of a person’s life, and that the mind is only aphysical substance unrelated to any sort of outside influence. The brain isabout mental procedures, thought and cognizance. The body is about the physicalparts of the mind neurons and how the cerebrum is organized. The mind-bodyissue is about how these two cooperate. Numerous speculations have beenadvanced to clarify the connection between what we call our psyche and body. Individualsare material beings. We have mass, robustness and comprise of an assortment of materialsfound inside our body. […]

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IntroductionWhen we hear the words traditional epic, we are so used to them featuring a heroic warrior’s journey. Not all epics follow the traditional rules. They can be a story of one’s journey into self-metamorphosis. These journeys can help the character and even the reader to understand the meaning of life. The post-classical epic features an anagogical method for the character and reader to experience a change in how they view the world and themselves (a more psychological journey than that of a physical one). An example of this metamorphosis can be found in two pieces of literature, which are […]

Computers brain behaves freely, using reasoning and common

Computers have certain primary purposes: Entering data, manipulating data, viewing processed data and storing data. They are designed to transform raw data into information. The computer operates under the control of instructions stored in its own memory unit and can accept input data, process it arithmetically and through sequenced based logic, produce information and store the results for future use.Many times, the human brain presents similar functions to a computer since, both are used for storage, processing information and execute tasks. Both work with electrical signals in a computer use the binary system and the human brain through neuron to […]

Happiness, himself in worst conditions and this thoughts

Happiness, the feeling ofcontentment, pleasure, joy, enthusiasm and delight is much more meaningful thanits literal meanings. If someone says he is happy it means he is satisfied withthe present situation around him. He is experiencing life the way he wants. Yourrelationships are going well, your boss is satisfied with your work and you arein good health. This is temporary happiness, since it is dependent on certainconditions being the way one wants them to be. If your partner is angry or youare not fulfilling expectations of your boss, your sense of happiness vanishes.Temporary happiness is with short term gain at the […]

“That’s wall showed 3pm. The dark red curtains

“That’s it!” Jake shouted. Hisface was red with anger. “You don’t give a fuck about me!” The analogue clockon the wall showed 3pm. The dark red curtains had been opened to allow light tofilter through the grey net curtains. Jake’s feet were bare, and the underlaywas beginning to make marks into them.His mother’s face appearedconfused as she looked at the thirteen-year-old. “I don’t understand why youwould say that. I do care about you.” She fiddled with her dress as she spoke –white with yellow dots. Her hair was tied up in a bun.”No you don’t!” Jake screamed.”You wouldn’t have treated […]

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