Kidney properly it’s called as kidney failure. There

Kidney are a pair of organs that are located in the lower back of our bodies. One kidney is located on each side of our spine. It filters our blood as well as removes toxin from our body. The kidney sends toxins to the bladder which is later removed through urination. When a person’s kidney stops working properly it’s called as kidney failure.  There are two kidney failures acute and chronic ones. Acute Kidney Failure means when your kidney suddenly loses the ability to get rid of excess salts and waste materials from blood and Chronic Kidney Failure is more […]

First, people with guns. According to …States with

First, The amount of gun deaths in the US alone is unbearable. The rise in weapons such as gun associated deaths have left a lot of people worried. According to ……….. As of 2017, we have had 60,055  gun violence incident in the US, 15,168 were deaths, 30,593 where injuries, 716 of them were children, 3,176 of them were teens, and 337 of these incidents were mass shootings. By what method can we prevent these horrendous crimes from happening? WHat i mean by horrendous crimes im not just talking about the huge public exposure mass shootings that we should solely […]

Traditional Chinese New Year dates back to many

Traditional Chinese New Year dates back to many centuries, involving a rich cultural practice that emphasizes its purpose for the upcoming new year. Every new year is represented by an animal in the Chinese zodiac. It is believed that each animal predicts what is to be expected in the new year and the characteristics of each individual born within the year. There is a relationship between Chinese New Year and animal symbolism and they are correlated to one another. There are several complex details when it comes to the Chinese New Year and animal symbolism. Although there is no clear […]

Consequences even more significant. It does not matter

Consequences are important. Their significance raises them to a degree where they matter. The idea that justifies the act as ethical if the mass benefits from it, makes consequences even more significant. It does not matter why has a particular action been carried out, only if the results obtained increase the amount of happiness. However, the quality along with the quantity of the pleasure obtained also holds some value in this approach. The word happiness entails gratification and absence of pain here. If this idea is applied to our daily life situations, solutions to a lot of problems can be […]

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In the article, exhausting cross-sectional data composed fromthree middle schools in Southeast Los Angeles, the research measured theassociation of neighborhood violence exposure, gang associations, and socialself-control with past week violence in a section of minority youth in thisparticular community.  However, the outcomesfrom Poisson and logistic regression models revealed that direct contact and experienceto gun violence, having friends in gangs, and low social willpower and strengthof mind were all certainly related with the aggression. When it comes to thefemales as it relates to gang affiliated family members was completelyassociated with violence and anger, whereas among males having contact andpeople they know […]

In Cyntoia was being moved from foster home

In 2004 Cyntoia Brown, a 16 year old girl, was arrested and sentenced to life after murdering a man that hired her as a prostitute. She’s not eligible for parole until she is 69 years old. Nearly 13 years after the murder Cyntoia’s story has gone viral in social media. Many public figures have expressed how they feel about her case such as Rihanna, Lebron James, Snoop Dog, and Cara Delevingne. Kim Kardashian even hired her lawyers to help Cyntoia and review her case. The hashtag #FreeCyntoiaBrown has been surfacing and and bringing more awareness to her case however not […]

Children of Incarcerated Parents

Effects on Children of Incarcerated Fathers Most of the prisons in America are overcrowded. They are overcrowded with men, most of which are fathers and nearly half of these incarcerated fathers were living with their child or children before going to prison. The effects on these children can be detrimental. This can also cause strained relationships with the mothers or other family members doing their best to take care of these children while their father is away.There can be social as well as emotional problems, but luckily there are many states that are trying to accommodate for the parent being […]

Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics Name: Course: Date: Code of Ethics Most people are aware of the importance of professional childhood educators handling tender children. Childhood is a very delicate stage in life and children must be handled with utmost care and professionalism. In order to achieve this, early childhood educators must adhere to a certain code of conduct. The National association for the education of young children (NAEYC) understands the implications of ethics among early childhood educators. It has therefore sets a framework to guide the moral and ethical conduct of early childhood educators. Professional early childhood educators are trained to […]


Reflection Name: Institution: Reflection 1. Discuss something new that you have recently learned – knowledge, skill or both, as a result of your recent learning experience in this course. This course has enabled me to have a different perspective about life, especially concerning the period between middle adulthood and late adulthood. I have learnt several things, especially relating to people in their late adulthood. The many lessons concerning the different challenges that people go through have been revealing. In many cases, young people have the tendency to view older people as happy grandparents, and they rarely take the time to […]

Intimate Partner Violence and Pregnancy

Intimate Partner Violence and Pregnancy Name: Course: Date: Intimate Partner Violence and Pregnancy Violence experienced by women in abusive relationships accounts for 20% of domestic violence while men experiencing the violence amount to 2%. Women are prone to violence of all kinds at the homes, workplaces and other areas, which is mostly imposed on them by men (Brownridge et al, 1999). The violence could be physical, sexual or psychological. Violence experienced by women in relationships from their partners heightens during pregnancy. Where violence existed before the occurrence of the pregnancy, it continuously increases when the woman becomes pregnant. Some women […]

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