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Kimberly Q ZhengEnglishBravo 16, January, 2014                                                                   This I Believe   At age 16, my parents suddenly told me that we are all moving to the United States and I only had 20 days to pack. There was no option of saying no and I was forced to leave everything I had behind, including my school life and my friends. Personally, I truly believe that having a relationship can help improve the satisfaction in life and make us feel better. During this hard times in my life,  I realized that I can’t truly be happy without having anyone close to me. I […]

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While Brutus’ is a strong speaker, some feel that Antony’s skills at speaking and persuading an audience are overall better. The tragedy of Julius Caesar follows the actions before the untimely death of one of Rome’s brightest leaders, Julius Caesar. Communication is a key factor in this William Shakespeare play either when it is used to persuade noble Brutus to join a group of conspirators to kill one of his best friends. Another example of this is after the assassination of Julius Caesar when both Brutus and Antony tried to persuade the crowd of Rome to be on their side […]

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The Impracticality of Treating Women Poorly The novel, The Good Earth, by Pearl S. Buck, written to entertain, mentions an abundance of differences between Western society and Chinese society.  A significant difference is in how the women are treated: in Chinese culture the women are treated poorly and have no freedom, unlike Western society, where they are treated fairly. Women were not treated well in China.  As an example, “‘It is over once more.  It is only a slave this time- not worth mentioning,'” (Buck, 65).  This quote, which uses sensory language to appeal to sight and is the first […]

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SydneyStephensMs.GomezWR12126January 2018Questionat Issue Essay #1″Has technology weakened ourability to have meaningful in-person social interactions?”            Technology has become a criticalform of communication that we rely on in our everyday lives. We use it foreverything from ordering groceries to our front door to finding a potentialsoulmate. Technology has progressed very quickly and is changing every day. Overtime, we have become more dependent on technology to do everyday things. It couldbe controlling our lives and it may not be as noticeable as we think because ithas become so natural to us. While technology has impacted us positively insome ways, it could also be […]

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Tammy Oladapo1-8-18Gotis Pd.5How was the Theme ‘Knowledge is Dangerous’ Present in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein? The ever-familiar horror story of Frankenstein, not the one about a green guy with bolts in his head, but the original by Mary Shelley, tells a story of a man who nearly misses destruction after hearing the story of Victor Frankenstein. In the story, Frankenstein creates a monster and abandons it, and it later comes back to kill his family and spoil Victors happiness. As horrific as it may seem, the story is full of many themes and motifs. A theme is a recurring idea or […]

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It is true that parentsare the best teachers of their child. Every child has been influenced by theirparents from their early life. The main responsibility of the parent is toteach the children about the world, which is right and wrong. For achievingthis, the parent-child relationship should be close and friendly. Firstlya family’s role is very important in society. Children learn by watching theexamples of others such as speaking, eating and walking. The family’s purposeis same.An example of it is that sons, who have seen father’s rude behavior extremeviolence towards another, practice these same activities. The role of thefamily is to […]

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Alison Weely – What could be moreinteresting than talking to Darren Carter, the manager of one of the mostinfluential software companies of the country, Gradian! It is a pleasureto have you here, Darren.Darren Carter – Hi Alison, I’m glad to havebeen able to make it. Alison Weely – So Darren, let’s talk abouttexting. You must have read articles about how, with the advancing technology,more people are using texting as a medium of communication. A 2011 Pew ResearchCenter report found that Americans ages 18 to 29 send or receive an average of88 texts per day, compared to 17 phone calls1. What […]

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There have been many songs made on distance, where the actorand actress sing songs for eachother to express their love. It sometimes feels like an imaginary world wheretwo people are staying apart but are still in a relationship.Why it the title, Engagement with a clause?Simply because it has 2 people who are connected with eachother but stay separate so it feelslike an engagement. The clause though is the trust that has to be developed overa period of time.The word distance here plays an important role in therelationship. Let’s look at a few factors thatdefine the word DISTANCE. D-DirectionIt is very […]

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I like that www.babycenter. com offered blogs to thevisitors. I also really enjoyed the community tab. I think it is amazing thatmoms can post questions and other moms can help answer, or even post tips fornewborns. I think that is beneficial for new mothers. The also offer “Expert Advice”which included some common topics on issues mother’s might struggle with likenaming their baby, tracking the average size of their baby, and a pregnancychecklist. I believe all these options are helpful for moms who are havingtheir first child, or even moms who have had children before but are having anew situation in […]

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Native Son was published in 1940. During this time, racial segregation is still legal. Richard Wright opens the novel with the sound of an alarm waking up the main character, Bigger Thomas. Bigger is a 20 year old African American man living in the poverty in the Southside of Chicago during the 1930s.  It’s ironic how the name “Bigger” makes him seems as if he tough and big, however he is the total opposite. Bigger felt small and felt oppressed by the white man his whole life. He felt limited in his options in life because he only had completed […]

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