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Hello! It’s Mei here bringing you my ideal type in a man. Everyone has an ideal type. Whether it’s for a friend, or a significant other. Everyone’s opinion varies. A few people would have common ideal traits and some people don’t. Everyone has their own type, has their own likes and dislikes. It would be horrendous if everyone in the world liked all the same things. Everything would be dull, simple, the same, nothing but the ordinary.I had people ask me what’s my ideal type before and I thought why not tackle it today in this blog. So.. Let’s begin!My […]

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Chapter IntroductionThis chapter describes the exact steps that were undertaken to address the developed research questions. The methodology of the research divides under three main headings. Under the research design, the methodology of research, data collection methods and data analysis techniques which had been used are explained. Under the research approach, it is explained that how the research questions were derived and how the literature was reviewed and the extent of it. Moreover it demonstrates the independent variables and the dependent variable have been utilized to the research purpose. Finally the research process is illustrated and summary of this chapter […]

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 Inthe 1920s, Social class was a big deal. Social class is one of the major themesin the novel The Great Gatsby. Socialclass has a great influence in the book, due to the roles its charactersplayed.  The main focus in The Great Gatsby is theinter-relationships of people in 1920 which showed the differences between allthe social classes of that time. Nick Carraway the narrator was from the middleclass; but his Cousin Daisy and her husband Tom were part of the Upper class;while the Wilson’s are from the lower class. In the Great Gatsby      East eggwas a city where the upper […]

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y stomach turned, my hands were shaking, and I was feeling tense, uncertain and broken. “What should I do now?” I thought to myself while tears continued to run down my cheeks…After a long time feeling like I was not good enough, not pretty enough not smart enough, but always being too afraid to do something about it, I ended my relationship, and it felt like my whole world fell apart and I couldn’t do anything about it. At that moment my mind was intertwined, I was being tossed back and forth, thinking “should I stay, should I leave…, what […]

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BackgroundThe Wnt signaling pathway is a prehistoric biological feature that has been conserved throughout evolution. It is known to play a crucial role in the embryonic development of all kinds of animal species; particularly in the regeneration of tissues in adult of these organisms amongst other many processes. It has also been recorded that mutations and/or deregulated expression of mechanisms of the Wnt pathway is liable to induce disease. And of most importance in the various diseases is cancer. About 25 years ago, the first gene that encodes a Wnt signaling component, Int1, was identified and characterized molecularly from mouse […]

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Although the third book to the Little Women series, Little Men has an incompatible moral and idea, different to Little Women and Good Wives – the previous 2 books. Little Men was written by Louisa May Alcott – the infamous author of Little Women, Jo’s Boys and many other favoured books. Little Men is a novel about second chances and forgiving. Dan, a young boy who has undergone a lot of trouble, is an epitome of this notion. He breaks all the rules and does not learn from any of his mistakes. Shortly after his adversities, he gets sent  away, […]

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            Nobodyever asks to have a mental illness, kind of how nobody asks to get sick or getdiagnosed with cancer. It just happens, life happens and there is nothing youcan do but sit back and live with all that you’ve got. Yet, somehow, those thatget “sick” receive compassion and love while fighting their battle, meanwhile,people with mental illnesses get no respect much less any sympathy. Mentalillnesses aren’t something that people should be ashamed of, but stigmas insociety shame people that suffer from them as if somehow it was their faultthat they were afflicted with it. How […]

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According to the article “Specks in the brain attract Alzheimer’s plaque-forming protein.” By Lauren Sanders, on 1:30 pm, December 20, 2017. Inflamed areas of the brain appear to attract a protein responsible for alzheimer’s.  Researchers think that these inflammatory blobs is an early step in the development of alzheimer’s. What the researchers want to do is to prevent the buildup of amyloid-beta, the protein found in brains of people with Alzheimer’s disease. The discovery of the inflammatory protein that can prompt A-beta to clump around isvery impotent. Researchers led by Michael Heneka of the University of Bonn in Germany have been studying little blobs of a protein called ASC which gets made as part of the inflammatory response which A-Beta starts.  The large blobs of protein that are created by andproduced by the brain’s immune cells called microglia when inflammation starts to occur. A-beta accumulates around ejected […]

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Bondageand Discipline, If you’ve ever put a blindfold on apartner, tied his or her handswith scarves, or given a spanking to someone for being naughty, you’ve dabbledin B&D. Bondage is the use of restraints to enhance sexual pleasure, andDiscipline is the use of rules or punishment to control or reward behavior in asexual contextDominationand Submission D&S.It’s the most purely emotional of the three concepts. People in D/Srelationships may not have any physical interaction at all, and in some casesmay never even meet. While D/S relationships often contain aspects of bothB and S whenthey are physical, they can also be conducted […]

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