Fifty bodies being contaminated too. Then looking at

Fifty states, one hundred ninety five countries, seven continents, all in one
universe. From the 1900’s to today, 2017 almost everything in agriculture has been more
developed and has increased the stabilization in our crops and livestock. In the world
from then to now, our increase in dealing with natural disasters has greatly improved.
We have become more aware and we are more prepared for the storms before they hit.
Such as, the unnamed hurricane on September eighth, 1900 in Galveston Texas.
This hurricane is still considered the deadliest hurricane in U.S. history, according to
Time magazine. This was a Category 4 hurricane standing 15.7 feet tall, which we were
not prepared for, unlike during today. Comparing the unnamed hurricane from the 1900’s
and Hurricane Harvey from 2017 you can clearly see that we were more prepared for
what was to come. The unnamed hurricane killed 6,000 people and 3,600 of its buildings,
but during Harvey only 77 fatalities and 12,700 buildings were destroyed. As we look at
are past history of hurricanes, we have realized that people need to evacuate and get to
safety. During the 1900 hurricane, sense there were some many fatalities they didn’t
have room for all the dead bodies. This unknown hurricane not only had debris and
water effecting the land, but also dead bodies being burned and mixing into the land.
With all of this solute in are crops and water, it effected not only our animals, but our
own bodies being contaminated too. Then looking at Harvey there was still a lot of
debris, but we had a lot more people survive and willing to help clean up the land. When
comparing Harvey and the unknown hurricane, after Harvey we got back on are feet a
lot faster then during the unnamed hurricane, because there were many people still
alive during Harvey verses the unnamed hurricane.
The United States also had a effect on agriculture, but it wasn’t really an
increase. During the 1900’s we had much more land and more people to farm and work.
As we want to be a more developed country are farm land insanely decreased. In 1997
there was 2.22 million farmlands in the U.S. Just over the past eight years the number of
farms have declined by 117,500. The decrease in land has effected our food and
population. With less land comes less food production and with a growing population we
(as in the U.S.) need more food production to proved for everyone. In the 1900’s there
were many farm lands in the U.S., but in todays day and age we have more Urban and
Suburban areas rather then having rural land to provide more for our economy.
In the World we still have water problems today, but it has gradually increased
over the years. In the 1930’s was the economic depression it was one of the hardest
times because it was one of the longest, hardest droughts on record. The economic
depression even effected countries in stage four and five of the economic transition
model like Japan and Europe. Now in 2017 we have new ways to prepare for droughts,
so there is a minimum chance of this happening again. In the world we have came up
with new ways and new machines to help out water shortages. Versus in the 1900’s
there was very few ways to provided water during a drought. Yes, there still is many
places in this world that have very few water, but when comparing the 1900’s to 2017 we
have provide better ways in getting water.
As us as a state, country, and world have slowly improved our agriculture over time. The
examples above are just some of way that our economy have improved, there are many
more things that have improved over the years. Without time and disasters over the
years, we would have never learned from our mistakes, to improve and be where we are