First of all, forget to wake up at time, because there are no smart phones so no alarms, it’s gone. However, you can get up and get ready for work but you cannot turn on lights, shower or brush your teeth, because power, gas and water utilities are run by huge computer systems. So you just get dressed and go out to your car, but unless they are manufactured over three decades ago, it is likely not to start, because nowadays everything in the car is operated by the so-called network controller area – basically the computer board. Public transport outside for the same reasons and even if your car had started, the traffic was a nightmare with Kapoor all traffic lights out. Best start walking!So, you get to work. It’s the same situation there; no lights, no internet, no e-mail, no instant messaging, no phones.

You can start doing business by mail, provided that it still works. Today you will get more heavy meeting. Limited to who is in the office. Lunch will be important not yet spoiled.

It seems that the entire workday is washed and going back to the house will be equally difficult. Making dinner would be like camping. Would you like to relax with Netflix or a video game? Forget it; entertainment is likely to be reading on candlelight or playing the audio instrument.This is just a description of how one day without technology you will go for a typical office worker. For students also. Universities are going to stop.

Hospitals will be closed, potentially leading to fatal cases. Airlines will also be on the ground. The whole planet will just stop moving around.Now that we have seen some of the effects of technology in modern life, it is our responsibility to use technology to improve our lives but we also have to make sure that we keep our society and our environment, if we do not control the use of technology, we end up hurting both society and the environment.

Then for those who seek jobs, I advise you to get different technological skills, make sure you can create or invent something new using these new technological skills, being hired is just the step most of us have taken, but it does not guarantee financial security, you can use Technology to create a small business.


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