First of all,  let’s start out by admitting I am lucky. I don’t live in the world my mother lived in, my grandmother lived in, I grow up in a world where we have basic civil rights, and amazingly, we still live in a world where some women don’t have them.

But all that aside, we still have a problem, and it’s a real problem, I touched it, during five years, I am working on a civil work with girls.And the problem is this: women playing small. Because of, they are underestimating themselves, they have a voice of self-doubt, of ” not me”. This voice makes girls sure, they are not the person to led, to write a novel, to be a head manager, to speak up on stage.

Also,  it tells them you are not ready yet, qualified enough, experienced enough …etc.    During these years, I have been met really brilliant girls. For Example, a girl who has a strong knowledge of management and has a brilliant certificate in this field, and she has a vision how the project we work for to be. Another girl is a good reader of books, and has significant presentation skills makes her be a good academic presenter. Another one, she is a really brilliant in writing.

 Within these examples, I found something really fascinating that is what matters girls her background or her age or her history it was. there is one core between them their brilliant was not getting out, they couldn’t quite see their own brilliance.Because there is some gap on how their thought on their self, or thought what she capable of and ready for.Unfortunately, that makes girls in my community live a life less than the one they are capable of, and that makes them playing small.  Xby Counterflix    Indeed, As Nelson Mandela said “There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living “I like this quote because it brings up the finer point of the issue of playing small.   For some people. I think they thought that the women issue is soft .

in fact , this women’s issues are one of the hardest issues. because of the end, the women aren’t taken seriously the same way that men are,  their voice was missing, and it turns out that women are less likely to consider running than men.       The numbers tell the story quite clearly.The Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) in Egypt has revealed in 2015 that the share of women in the labor market amounted to 22.9% of the representing about one-third of the contribution of men, which is 73.

4%. Also, this issue doesn’t just face girls in my country, but I believe it faced every woman in this world. there was a study done in the US in 2011 showed that 62 percent of men had considered running for office, but 45 percent of women. That’s a gap of 16 percentage points. And it really is a shame, because I am so convinced that the world is in real need for women leaders and more principle-based leadership in general.

Also, Look at the political picture of the world, how many female leads we have compared to males! A study was done by the United nation on 17  March 2017 showed that 16 countries were running by women from 198 countries on the world run by men.    In Conclusion, I hope to help My generation change the numbers at the top. By helping them , playing big in their life. I want to help them to have the choice to not just succeed but to be liked for their accomplishments.

I think a world where half of our countries and our companies were run by women.I think it would be a better country and world.


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