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The African-American social reformer, abolitionist, and writer Frederick Douglass was born on February 1818 in Talbot County, Maryland. We do not know the exact date of his birth, but he chose to celebrate it on February 14th. Douglass was born into slavery. His plantation was between the cities of Cordova and Hillsboro. Douglass had a hard time as a kid. He didn’t really know his mom and she then died when Douglass was still a young boy. He then went to live with his maternal grandmother, but soon was separated from her too. He then went to the Wye house […]

Buy sites, online travel agency, Airline, best flight

Buy the cheapest tickets and live the high life with these 10 tips book a flight, flight destination, cheapest ticket, compare prices, best airline, cheapest fares, budget airline,  best time to book, find the best deals, get the best deals, cheapest prices, travel sites, online travel agency, Airline, best flight time, air fare, cheap airline ticket   Buying a plane ticket can be a hassle, with all of the different airlines, travel sites, reviews and comparison pages that all promise the best and the cheapest prices. No matter what you use or how you do it, here are 10 tips […]

After monthly CODO i.e. Cost Down. Along with

After completing the training, I chose to work in Assembly Section in the Industrial Department. My main responsibility was to optimize the process of assembling and reduce the cycle time of the processes involved to achieve monthly CODO i.e. Cost Down. Along with this, I was trained in the implementation of techniques such as 5S, Kanban, TPM and Lean Manufacturing. My activities along with the coordination of shop floor workers developed my skills to design a lean environment and gained a lot of exposure to global manufacturing practices. I was the part of the projects which came under the Poka […]

Behavior common in adults and if left untreated

Behavior disorders, also known as disruptive behavioral disorders, are the most common reasons that parents are told to take their children for mental health assessments. They are also very common in adults and if left untreated in childhood it can negatively affect someone’s ability to maintain positive relationships as well as their ability to hold down jobs. Behavior disorders can be broken down into a couple of different subcategories. These include: anxiety disorders, dissociative disorders, emotional disorders, and pervasive developmental disorder. Anxiety is a normal emotion however some people get to a point were it intereferes with their daily life […]

Joseph This extensive theory is distributed and best

Joseph Campbell’s monomyth or the hero’s journey is a quintessential framework that can be established throughout many narratives from around the world. This extensive theory is distributed and best described by Joseph Campbell in, The Hero with a Thousand Faces. The monomyth shows the steps a hero must take to obtain knowledge and control of his or her own lives, in the world they exist. Not all monomyths necessarily contain the typical 17 stages. Some myths may focus on only one of the stages, while others may deal with the stages in a somewhat different order. The hero throughout his […]

Introduction Medical record keeping Legible; signed; dated; appropriate

Introduction   What is case based discussion and what areas it focus on? Focus Positive indicators Medical record keeping Legible; signed; dated; appropriate to the problem; understandable in relation to and in sequence with other entries; helps the next clinician give effective and appropriate care. Clinical assessment Understood the patient’s story; made a clinical assessment based on appropriate questioning and examination. Investigation and referral Discusses the rationale for the investigations and necessary referrals; understands why diagnostic studies were ordered or performed, including the risks and benefits in relation to the differential diagnosis. Treatment Discusses the rationale for the treatment, including […]

Architecture a subject. Having the desire to understand

Architecture captivates me both as an art and a subject. Having the desire to understand and explore how scientific technology can be utilized to enhance the performance of building structures in their social and environmental conditions, the field of architecture immensely brings out the divisions of my identity. This allows me to engage well creatively and scientifically with the use of artistic and practical dimensions of design.Through the reading of books, articles and blogs on architecture I have invoked my inner feeling on design and planning; I always marvel and wonder how architects meet planning demands of the ever-evolving planet. Activities on energy developments have revealed […]

Marx and Weber’s Ideas of Class, Power, and

Marx and Weber’s Ideas of Class, Power, and Capitalism Conflict is a natural trait that characterizes interpersonal interactions. Various factors promote the development and maintenance of this phenomenon. In capitalist populations, this struggle is often attributed to the existence of social classes with varying levels of access to economic and political resources. Consequently, various scholars have attempted to examine the interaction between socioeconomic classes with the aim of understanding the core elements that underpin the operations of capitalist societies. Concepts posited by Karl Marx and Max Weber’s provide the most significant insights into this economic form. Due to his emphasis […]


   Mobile computing is defined as a technology which involves transferring of voice, video and information through a desktop or any other gadgets without having a fixed physical link. It consists of mobile communication, mobile hardware and mobile software. Now let us discuss about mobile computing and its business implications.    Now a day’s, Mobile computing in the business sector gives many benefits to the organizations. Remote access computing is a software in which the businesses are access to the office. Simply it is a software which access a computer or other devices from a remote location. It is used […]

GST the price of goods and services they

GST stands for “Goods and Services Tax”, and is proposed to be a comprehensive indirect tax levy on manufacture, sale andconsumption of goods as well as services at the national level. Its main objective is to consolidates all indirect tax levies into asingle tax, except customs replacing multiple tax levies, overcoming the limitations of existing indirect tax structure, and creatingefficiencies in tax administration. Therefore, GST is a broad based and a single comprehensive tax levied on goods and servicesconsumed in an economy. However, there is a huge opposition against its implementation. The entire nation is apprehensive aboutGST and its implications.Keywords: […]

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