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Make your musical instruments sound even better with EBS’s pedals Music is a language that reflects different cultures and beliefs through its amazing sounds and various musical instrument and gear have been helping this sound reach as many people for centuries now. Be it the traditional music instruments or their modern contemporaries, musical instruments can help you compose heart-touching music and various accessories can help you make them sound even better. No matter what kind of musical instruments accessories you are looking for, count on EBS to be your fully stocked music accessory and gear store. The brand has supplied […]

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To recent day, there has not been a successful alliance uniting most of the worlds greatest military powers through political bonds, and these bonds are more powerful than a treat of an atomic bomb. NATO has be the most successful alliance in keeping global peace. Created on 4 April 1949 at the signing of the Washington Treaty, several nations were joined under one consensus based organization. NATO was designed to strengthen the overall defence of North Atlantic countries, as the Treaty was signed during the Cold War, to better protect themselves from nuclear attacks. Since that moment in time NATO […]

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The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is a novel that was written in the nineteen-twenties, taking place at that time. The novel is set in New York in the area of Long Island, which is separated into two egg-shaped halves; West Egg is where people with Old Money live, while people with New Money live on East Egg. A man who goes by the name of Gatsby owns a mansion on Long Island, where he holds festive parties regularly. He purposely moved in across the bay from a woman who he previously dated, named Daisy, whom he has spent […]

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The Pericles’ Funeral Oration, 430 BCE showed a lot about the lives of the people in Athens. It expressed Pericles view on his people, why he feels the people of Athens are special and what they need to do to keep the unique qualities of Athens. Athens was special because of their determination to make everything the best it can be. They need to preserve the uniqueness of Athens by showing the world how they choose to live life. Pericles gives many reasons why Athens is special. He talks about how their constitution doesn’t copy the laws of other communities. […]

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“TRAFFIC TICKET MYTH #1″: Just do whatever cops sayWe highly advise that you comply with a majority of police officer requests, such as license, registration, or if they ask you to step out of the vehicle or to show your hands. However, if the officer tries to use your traffic violation to investigate further, possibly, criminal charges, be prepared to to exercise your rights during the police stop. A citizen can always deny demands to search under the 4th Amendment.”TRAFFIC TICKET MYTH #2″: Hey Man I heard On TV We Shouldn’t Sign That TicketThis is terrible advice. Signing DOES NOT = […]

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