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The aim of my report is to investigate how mathematics influences the logical arguments for Time travel. Science fiction and Hollywood have used the concept numerous times in the past although its worth accepting that nothing gets in the way of a good science story more than science fact. Albert Einstein was first to discuss the possibility with his General Theory of Relativity which proves (only because nobody has successfully challenged it) that time travel is possible providing someone is travelling at almost the speed of light. Particle Physicist, Brian Cox while supporting Einstein’s theory also points out that it […]


Polyhistidine tags are histidine residues chained together at both the N terminus or C terminus in the recombinant protein coding sequence. Most common his-tag consist of six histidine residues (hexahistidine), but a chain can be assembled of four to ten residues. There are two ways to add his-tag. In a vector, the his-tag is added by inserting the recombinant protein has the tag ready to fuse at the C terminus. Another way is to perform polymerase chain reaction with primers that possess repetitive histidine codons next to the Start or Stop codon. Placement of the tag on N or C […]

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/** * This implementation is derived from the Tower of Hanoi Algorithm * Source Code available at * * authored by Kathiresan. */import java.lang.*;import java.util.*;@SuppressWarnings(“unchecked”)class TOH { private static int moveCount = 0; private static int countA = 0; private static int countB = 0; private static int countC = 0; static private Stack A = new Stack(); static private Stack B = new Stack(); static private Stack C = new Stack(); static private void Solve2DiscsTOH(Stack source, Stack temp, Stack dest) { temp.push(source.pop()); PrintStacks(); dest.push(source.pop()); PrintStacks(); dest.push(temp.pop()); PrintStacks(); moveCount += 3; } static private int SolveTOH(int nDiscs, Stack source, […]

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Jack London was a famous America Author, born 12 of January 1876, California, USA. He is most famous for his novels and short text, most of which are inspired by his real-life experiences. One of the things which he took a lot of inspiration from was his time in Alaska. Jack London traveled to Alaska when he was just 21 years old. At the time he was a poor and had been most of his life. You see Jack London was born in a poor family and had to live with being poor most of his early life. At that […]

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Introduction to Maple Syrup Urine Disease Maple syrup urine disease (MSUD) is a genetic metabolic disorder of branched chain amino acids (BCAA) catabolism (Levy, et al., 2013). This causes deficiency in BCKD resulting in a metabolic error (Strauss, et al., 2006). The symptoms include maple syrup odour of urine and ear wax, poor feeding, nausea, vomiting, irritability, lethargy, seizures, and ataxia (Levy, et al., 2013). It can lead to encephalopathy, coma, mental disorders and death (Strauss, et al., 2006). Blood test will reveal increased plasma concentration of BCAA, especially leucine (Strauss, et al., 2006). Urine testing can identify ketonuria and other organic […]

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The world is changing with the span of time and it is seeing a great many deals of war, terrorismand economic diversity. With each passing second the number of everything is both increasingand at the same time decreasing as like the healthcare, sanitation, healthcare and standard of life.The refugee crisis is one of the main problems of the present world as the number of the refugeesare increasing specially in the underdeveloped and the developing nations like Bangladesh,Somalia, Chad. As a member state of the World Health Organization(WHO) Mexico isconcerned about the sanitation and healthcare of the refugees.Being one of the […]

“Kanl? tuzak kuruluyor. Bir tak?m insanlar da bu

“Kanl? bir tuzak kuruluyor!” Cumhuriyet gazetesi ba?yazar? U?ur Mumcu, öldürülmeden k?sa bir süre önce kaleme ald??? yaz?larda, “Türkiye’de Kürt halk?n? Türk halk?na, Türk halk?n? da Kürt halk?na dü?man edecek bir kanl? tuzak” kuruldu?unu söylüyordu. U?ur Mumcu son günlerinde yapt??? ara?t?rmalarda ABD Merkezi Haberalma Te?kilat? (C?A) ve ?srail ?stihbarat Servisi (MOSSAD) ile Barzani-Abdullah Öcalan ba?lant?s?n? de?ifre etmeye çal???yordu. Mumcu’nun son yaz?lar? da bu yöndeydi. Karanl?k bir suikasta kurban gitmeden iki hafta önce (8 Ocak 1993) “Ültimatom” ba?l?kl? bir makale kaleme ald?. Mumcu, bu yaz?s?nda, yak?nda yay?nlayaca?? kitab?nda, istihbarat örgütleri ile Kürt milliyetçileri aras?ndaki ba?lant?lar? aç?klayaca??n? yazm??t?. U?ur Mumcu bu yaz?dan k?sa […]

PNKP kinase family, and includes both DNA and

PNKP is essential for maintaining genomic stability. To date, PNKP is the only DNA repair enzyme that has been identified as possessing 5?-kinase activity (59). In addition, the 3?-phosphatase activity of PNKP supersedes that of APE1 and aprataxin (APTX), which have been identified as being able to dephosphorylate 3?-phosphate (59).  Previous studies revealed major differences in substrate preference between the kinase and phosphatase domains, and it also showed that both function independently of one another, with the phosphatase having a faster catalytic rate (103). The kinase domain, which is selective for DNA, preferentially phosphorylates nicks, small gaps and recessed 5?-hydroxyl […]

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The Hours is een oscar-genomineerde film uit 2002. Het is geregisseerd door Stephen Daldry en is gebaseerd op het gelijknamig boek van Michael Cunningham.   De film volgt het leven van drie personen in drie verschillende periodes, op drie verschillende locaties. Deze drie personages zijn verbonden door één boek, Mrs Dalloway. Het eerste verhaal gaat over Virginia Woolf, gespeeld door Nicole Kidman. Het speelt zich af in Engeland in 1923. Ze is de schijfster van het boek. Ze is mentaal ziek, hierdoor kan, of eerder mag, ze niet naar buiten. Doorheen het verhaal worstelt ze met het plot van haar […]

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To often we forget that humans are made up as more things that we show gratitude and appreciation for. That might sound a bit different but, think about it. How do you view the people in life? Can you honestly say you can see them as a whole or do you just look at and relate to them in parts?The “Whole Person” is made up of four stages, the body, mind, heart, and the spirit. For example 50 people are in a room “how many believe that the individuals that work for a higher company than you are more creative, […]

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