Freire she doesn’t care if we learn anything

Freire emphasizes the “banking” concept of education by saying that students’ only get “filled” with information rather than being encouraged to question the world through conference, and communication. He relates this pedagogical method to the oppressive system Which then leads him to and offer, in place of,  a “problem-posing” form of education. A problem-posing form of education refers to a method of teaching that accentuates critical thinking for the purpose of liberation. This means that, “the educator is taught while teaching and everyone teaches one another while being mediated by their surroundings and the world in which we live in.” This method helps kids to stay engaged and participate during class time rather than just sitting there listening to his/her teacher lecture.”Banking education” ruins the pure meaning of learning and hinders the creative power of the students, drowning their alertness, while problem posing education creates a classroom of well behaved, critical thinkers who will be engaged in their lessons/classrooms.I do believe that the concept of “banking” in education still does exist in today’s academia. Teachers in today’s society don’t use the method of having the teacher and the student in charge at the same time much these days. The teacher usually holds all of the authority in the classroom, at all times. I think that students should not learn by the teacher-centered method, but by other methods and techniques that would allow them to learn and retain knowledge efficiently. An example of a banking concept would be: in my highschool we have a teacher who really doesn’t care if you learn the right way. She just tries to get through the day it seems like. All she does is write things down word for word from the book onto a Google presentation. She then just reads exactly what is typed on the presentation and does not go into depth with it at all! It seems like she doesn’t care if we learn anything or not. After she is done reading off the screen she hands out a worksheet that makes no sense and expects us to get it done by the end of class time, unless it is considered late and she will not give you full credit for it. To me this is definitely a teacher-centered way of teaching, and I hated it! This just shows that if a teacher lecters and doesn’t really get into discussions and doesn’t get the students involved during class time…The students taking that class don’t get much out of it and it seems like you don’t learn anything. Banking education should not be the most common way of teaching. It is described as a negative way to educate. It is said to be based on the concept that teachers are the narrators and the students are the containers waiting to be filled, (with knowledge). I have never been in a class where the students were in charge. So, that just shows that the problem-posing concept does not really exist in today’s society, from where I come from at least.