“Friendship….”I thought.

I put my pencil case on the pages of my copy as the early morning wind drifted in through the open door and everything, my pen, my pages and the wilderness of my thoughts stirred to my life.

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The first few rays of sunlight reflected through the rain-drenched, wild summer grass and the numerous pools of muddy water. It had rained overnight and the rain water filled the many minute spaces of the earth, forming puddles of water in the field outside.

I could see myself walking nonchalantly on the early September fields, gazing with astonishment at the seemingly fragile margins of wild, summer grass and the vast expanse of rain water that occupied once empty spaces of the earth. It seemed almost a miracle to me that the patches of the wild summer grass were not over whelmed.

My gaze wandered in the classroom. I saw my peers writing feverishly on the given topic. Everyone seemed to be transformed into a “speed demon”. On the contrary, some of the more romantic heads drifted over an endless sea of thought.

“I could not think that way almost seven inexperienced years ago. But the great onrush of thoughts I that had then was very vaguely the same as I have written above”, I thought while glimpsing at my work.

And in no time, I was back again. My thoughts were as ungainly as my walk then. “Grandfather, I am feeling exceptionally strange today”, I said as my Grandfather came running behind me. His hands were full of prettiest shells that I had collected from the shore.

“Why?” he asked, while he pilled stray threads out of his cuff.

“I don’t know…..”I sat down on a bench and lazily paddled my feet in one of the endless pool of muddy water and lost the thread of the conversation. A bubble drifted from below and then very slowly, Swam around the uncertain edges of the pool.

Then two bubbles sprang up from beneath my feet. Followed up by three more bubbles and in no time the pool was filled with them, as I moved my little feet in water, enjoying the amazingly smooth and tranquilizing effect of the rain water.

“Grandfather, do you know why these many very tiny bubbles are produced?” I questioned him.

“No!” he exclaimed.

“Well then, let me explain”, I answered. “These bubbles that you see here are tears of happiness, of happiness which proceeds after there is an end to loneliness and the beginning of an everlasting friendship. The water that you see here had been spending millions or may be billions of years of loneliness and no one could have spent even a second to think about how it feels. Until I came along,” I said with a smile.

Grandfather smiled as well. “My boy, you have realized the importance of friendship. Because friendship is an eternal feeling of love and of immense care,” he added, “And son, I am proud that you’ve realized this at such a tender age.

I felt immense joy gripping me. I grabbed the shells which I had collected from his hands, and ran up the hill, with him running behind me. The word “friendship” no longer seemed alien. And I felt as if my world had just opened up.                                                                       


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