From important things since my childhood. First thing

From my family, I have
learnt two very important things since my childhood. First thing is, “Do
everything as your interest” and second one is, “Never aim or demand anything
less than perfect”. The learning from these two things always helps me to make
a perfect decision in every crucial point in my life. As the learning of the
first thing, I took Electrical and Electronic Engineering as my undergraduate
subject and get inspired by the lesson of the second thing, I choose your
university for my graduate study.

In the final year of
my undergraduate study, I did some research work for preparing a thesis paper
as the requirement of my degree. During that work, I realized the real ‘Taste’
of research and decided to pursue a research career, either as a faculty in a
university or a researcher in industry. From my point of view, a research based
study creates a field to apply theories, examine the depth of knowledge and
refine the knowledge. I think graduate study is the first step to pursue my
desired career and if I am fortunate to join at your university, I believe it
would be one of my most significant cornerstones for my career pursuits.

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During my
undergraduate study, subjects like VLSI, Microprocessors, Digital Electronics, VHDL
modeling, Signal processing have been my favorite subjects. In particular, I
like Microprocessors, VLSI and VHDL modeling and would like to specialize in
that. In the microprocessor course, I learnt the basic principle of Intel 8086
and some other basic microprocessors. It didn’t attract me very much that time.
But when I introduced with the chip fabrication technology in the VLSI course and
learnt modeling technique in VHDL modeling course, I discovered a link between
these three subjects (Microprocessor, VLSI and VHDL modeling) and realized the
depth of these subjects. From that time, I had a dream to do some research work
on these subjects. Though Microprocessor, VLSI and VHDL modeling are my most preferred
subject, but as for my MS degree, I would remain open to other topics as well.

My thesis work during
my final year of undergraduate study was on temperature measurement system. The
title of the thesis was “Design of a Temperature Measurement System using
Thermocouple”. In that thesis, we used a thermocouple as the digital sensor and
a FPGA (Xilinx Spartan 3) as the controller/processing unit. All codes were
written in VHDL and ActiveHDL and Xilinx ISE Webpack 8.2 were used as the
simulator and synthesizer respectively. This thesis inspired me for doing
research in Electrical and Computer System field and I strongly believe that,
the knowledge of this thesis will help me in my graduate study in that field.

As I mentioned
earlier, my family taught me to aim the best thing always. After gathering
information about many universities, I feel that, Ryerson University would be
the best place for me to make my dreams true. Ryerson University has been
recommended highly by some of my professors and friends for its excellent
faculty and great research facility. I firmly believe that, the success of a
student in university life mostly depends on the relationship between the
student and his department. Ryerson University always provides a very
cooperative circumstance for the student and I think, it would be very helpful
for me to be a successful researcher. I am confident that wholesome education
that I receive at your university will stand me in good stead throughout my

Throughout my
undergraduate study, I consistently maintained a good result. I have a very
clear concept about the fundamentals of each course. I am capable to apply the
theories that I’ve learnt in my undergraduate courses. I think, my most strong
side is the dedication to the learning and the fascination to the research
work. I believe these two things make me a suitable applicant for research work
in your university.

For pursuing my
ultimate goal successfully, I need a supervisor in my graduate study to
supervise my work and drive me in right way. I think Associate Professor Dr. Reza Sedaghat is
perfect person for me. He is the founder of OPR-AL, a research laboratory which
mainly focuses on VLSI related problems. Since I am fascinated in VLSI very
much, it would be a great achievement for my life if I get a chance to join in
the research group of Dr. Sedaghat and do some research in OPR-AL.

I sincerely request
you to consider my application for admission into your reputed university. I
would be grateful to you if I am accorded the opportunity to pursue my graduate
study into your university. I am confident that in return for this I can make a
perennial contribution to your institution.

Looking forward to be
a part of Ryerson University as a graduate student.