From the case study it has been observed that ABC Youth services is a reputed nonprofit organization which has been doing their services for the last 20 years and is still running successfully. The organization mainly works with the youth and has got an opportunity to work with the Irish youths. From the analysis the company has determined four areas which will give immense opportunity to the ABC youth services and it will make a big breakthrough. It has been noted that it qualifies to meet the requirements because Irish youth has been encouraging with the economical factor by giving employment for the youths and by providing education with the free of cost. The next thing which could be said is the appeal of the program which will be examined by finding and eliminating the threats linked in it by proper intervention.

Almost the majority has summarized that the total perspectives will enable the supporting results for sustaining the attentions meaningfully. The funds which they have received is been used for considering allowances for the youths to use it for the good things.Moreover, the fund which will be received by the agency will be utilized for the youth as well as the improvement of the organization while satisfying main goals.

Also the organization could add on more programs and services which would make the agency established.On the other hand there are certain risk associated in it which should be taken care of. The first thing is the risk associated with certain circumstances, when the project is not running well the situation may become opposing when the agency will not authorize the rules that should not be accepted. As a result the project will be unsuccessful and the funds will not be passed. The second thing is the awareness the staff should be aware of the program and satisfy the group needs. Ensure the planning committee to plan well which is very important in order to provide an effective services.


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