From childhood I have always been quite a lover of sea. I would always pester my parents to travel to coastel areas as a result of which sea has been an essential part of my childhood and identity. My parents would often try to deter me from this addiction which was beyond their understanding by mentioning how unbearably hot it the beaches would be and how I would have to spend the rest of the year badly tanned. I was the only one among all my family to bathe for hours in whichever beach we were at. The long walks on the sand, the breaking of the waves on the shore, the bright sunshine, the balance of peace and chaos and the unknown that the sea comprises are a few reasons why I love the sea so much. This led to two instances in Puri and Haridwar where I drowned and would have been dead if not thankfully rescued by some kind-hearted strangers. Due to this, even though my love for the water continued, I started having a slight subconscious fear for water. For example, I would always keep my bathroom door slightly ajar while shampooing to keep my irrational mental fears of drowning to death at bay even though there was no possible way for this to happen. the most adventurous thing I have ever done would be to go snorkeling to watch coral reefs in the North Bay Coral Island of Andaman many years later. I was primarily afraid of not being able to breath and being eaten up by marine predators. However, I soon made myself realise that even if I were to die, I would make these supposedly last moments of my life fruitful by enjoying the scenic underwater. This thought worked magically in reducing my fears and in making me more trusting of myself. As I took in the stunning coral reefs and the colourful fishes, I all but forgot my fears. This was undoubtedly one of the most adventurous and exhalirating experiences I’ve ever had that helped me overcome these self-created fears that are no longer allowed to become a part of my life.


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