Gas and acidity isone of the problem occurred in our stomach. Gas and acidity can cause by thelong gap between empty stomach, meals or excessive intake of coffee, tea,alcohol and smoking. When we eat heavy meal or spicy foods, acidity you mayexperience acid reflux. Don’t worry about gas and acidity problem, I will letyou know and give natural remedies to reduce the gas and acidity problem. Here,top ayurvedic medicines (naturally) for those who are suffering from gas andacidity.Mixtureof Ginger and jaggeryIngredients:ginger, jaggery and water.

Howto use: Take a ginger and boil about 10 minutes. Filter, drinkthat decoction. Another way, crush the ginger with sweet jaggery then mix itwith little amount of water. It will produce juice, try to drink that juiceuntil reaches your stomach slowly.

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Drinking gingertea is also an effective remedy for gas relief.Benefits:v Itgives to improve your digestion and aid in better absorption.v Itprotects your stomach against ulcers by promoting mucus secretion and reducingthe effect of the acid on your stomach.v Wecan use ginger in home remedies.v Gingercan help to relieve your acidity.v Ginger has excellent digestiveand anti-inflammatory properties.ClovesIngredients:cloves powder, lemon juice.

Howto use: Mix the cloves powder with lemon juice and drink it whenyou face acidity and gas problem. Another way is, you can even eat crushed cloves and cardamom mixed in equalamounts to treat acidity, and get rid of bad breath which often accompaniesthis problem.  Benefits:v  Cloves arecarminative in nature.v  It preventing the formation ofgas in the gastrointestinal tract.v  Add cloves while cooking foodslike kidney beans or black gram that tend to cause flatulence. v Ithelps improve the movement of food down the stomach.v Bitea clove once, s that the juice is released and the keep it in mouth.v Theslowly released juice will immediately lower acid reflux and give you somerelief.

Applecider vinegarIngredients:Raw apple cider vinegar and water.Howto use: Take an unfiltered apple cider vinegar and mix it withglass of water in the amount of one to two table spoons at least twice a day.It will reduce the risk of acidity and gives you relief.

  Benefits:v Acid reflux is often a result of having low levels of stomach acid.v  If this is the case for you,drinking apple cider vinegar may help provide relief from  by acid refluxsymptoms introducing more acid into the digestive tract to prevent acidbackflow.v Apple cider vinegar benefits your blood pressure levels, helping tokeep your heart healthy and strong as well.CoconutwaterIngredients:only coconut water.Howto use: Take 400 to 500 ml of coconut twice a day. It is thenatural medicine to prevent the problem of gas and acidity.

Sipping some coconut water can help resolve thediscomfort that comes with acidity in a jiffy.  Whenever youhave problem of acid reflux, drink coconut water then you will getrelief. Though this home remedy is effective only for mild acidity, butcontinuous intake of coconut water for 2-3 months shows good results.

Benefits:v Your body’s pH acidic level turns alkaline when youdrink coconut water.v  It also helpsproduce mucous in your stomach, which provides protection from the harmfuleffects of excessive acid production. v Being rich in fiber, it aids digestion and prevents thereoccurrence of acidity.v  Further, coconutwater helps cool the lining of the stomach, reducing the burning sensation.

v It will also help provide instant relief from theburning you may suffer during a bout of acidity.ButtermilkIngredients:black pepper, coriander leaves and butter milk.Howto use: Take glass of butter milk and add small quantity of blackpepper and coriander leaves. Drink it daily twice.

It helps to reduce theproblem from acidity and gas.Benefits:v Buttermilk contains lactic acid that normalizes acidity in the stomach.v Buttermilk is veryeffective in washing down the fats oil or ghee that normally coats theinner walls of your food pipe and stomach.

v Apart from this,ginger, pepper and other spices in the buttermilk help to improvedigestion and thus prevent belching.CuminseedsIngredients:cumin seeds and hot water.How to use: Take water incontainer and add small amount of cumin seeds then boiled it for few minutes.After boiling, drink that when it has cooled down or you can chew few cuminseeds for acidity reliefs. This is the cool medicine to relieve from acidity. Another option is to mix one teaspoon each of coriander seed powder,cumin seed powder, fennel seed powder and some sugar in one-half cup of water.

Drink it on an empty stomach.Benefits:v Ithas properties that stimulate the production of saliva which helps in betterdigestion, improves metabolism and relieves gas and other gastric troubles.v Cuminstimulates the production of saliva which helps to digest food and improvesmetabolism.v Cumin seeds can also be used to treat acidity as cumin works as a greatacid neutralizer.

Also, it aids in digestion and relieves stomach pain.FenugreekseedsIngredients:fenugreek seeds and amount of water.How to use: Grind half to one teaspoon of fenugreek seeds with a little water tomake a paste. Mix it in a glass of plain buttermilk, also called chaas, andconsume it to relieve stomach ache caused by acidity or, you can simply drinkplain buttermilk several times a day until you get relief. Mix in a littleblack pepper or one teaspoon of ground coriander leaves for best results.Benefits: v Fenugreekis going to reduce stomach inflammations, also known as gastric inflammations,heart burns, and refluxes dramatically.

v Fenugreekis extremely rich in anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial compounds, and asmost of you already know, diarrheas are caused by too many harmful bacteria inthe intestines.v Fenugreeksare going to help protect your stomach from acidity and damages.Cinnamon tea Ingredients: cinnamonand honey.How to use: Bringone cup of water to boil.

Add one teaspoon of cinnamon powder into it. Simmerfor 5 minutes and remove from the flame. Let it cool down to room temperature.Add one teaspoon honey and drink it. Repeat the process 2 times a day until youget relief.

Alternatively, you can add 1 inch of a cinnamon stick instead ofpowder.Benefits:vCinnamon is good for your digestive health. It works asa natural antacid and helps dispel stomach gas.vCinnamon supplements can also be taken to get relieffrom gas.vDue to itsprostaglandin-inhibiting action, it provides relief from the stomach paincaused by trapped and excessive gas.vIt promotes proper digestion.vCinnamon contains antifungal,antibacterial and anti-parasitic properties which help in healing anyinfections present in the stomach or intestines.

vCinnamon reduces the secretion ofgastric acid and pepsin from the stomach walls.Basil leavesIngredients: basilleaves, water and honey.How to use: Simplyeat some basil leaves at the first sign of acid upset.

Be sure to chew themthoroughly. Another option is to boil three to five basil leaves in a cup ofwater and then let it simmer for a few minutes. You can sweeten this basil teawith honey. Do not add milk, though. Sip it frequently.Benefits:vBasil can help soothe the effects of acid reflux on thestomach and esophageal lining, helping to heal irritation and sores.vIt preventing food and acids from regurgitating back upinto the esophagus and throat.Side effects: Addbasil to your diet slowly.

It is a member of the mint family and too much cancause stomach upset. The information offered here is for educational purposesand is not meant to replace medical advice.Peppermint teaIngredients:peppermint leavesHow to use: Add one teaspoonof dried and organic peppermint leaves in a teapot. Fill the teapot with hotwater and let it steep for about 10 – 15 minutes.

Strain the tea and add littleof honey and fresh lemon juice. Stir well and drink it to relieve gas andbloating. Regular intake of this tea for 2 – 3 times a cup on daily basis willhelp to get rid of the problem.Benefits:vIt effectively improves thepassage of food and swallowed air through digestive tract and thereby allowsthem to go out smoothly without causing any pain or discomfort.vIt acts as an antibacterial thatclears the infection in the gut, increases gastric juices and thus relievesnausea, gas, vomiting and morning sickness.

vIt proven appetite suppressant, and the naturallysweet flavor of peppermint means that a cup of the infusion can stand inperfectly for dessert, making it easier to stick to your healthy eating goals.Cucumber juiceIngredients: cucumberHow to use: Takecucumber slices and juice it. Drink that juice when you face stomach problemlike acidity and gastric. It helps you more relief from that. You can cucumberdirectly by adding salt.Benefits:v Cucumber is a perfect diet for thosewanting to lose excess pounds.v The high watercontent and dietary fibers in cucumbers are effective in eliminating toxinsfrom the system, aiding in digestion.v Dailyconsumption of cucumbers can be a remedy for chronic constipation.

Amla or Indian goose berryIngredients: amla How to use: To get relieffrom acidity, take one teaspoon of Amlapowder twice a day. You can also use amla juice then crush fewpieces of Indian gooseberry andextract the juice. Drink one table spoon juice daily on an emptystomach. You can also purchase amla juice from market if you don’twant to extract juice at home.Benefits: vRegular consumption of amla juice helps in reducing cholesterollevels.v Amino acids and antioxidants aidin the overall functioning of heart.

v It is also helpful in managing diabetes better as well asrespiratory ailments like asthma.vIt will help to reduce the problem of acidity and gas.Cabbage juiceIngredients: cabbage and carrot.How to use: Cabbage is analkaline veggie. Its juice is most effective in curing acidity. Firstly, take200 grams of cabbage and cut it in small pieces. Then extract its juice withthe help of juicer and drink it in the morning.

You can add a piece of carrotin it. It is a safe home remedy; if you don’t have any thyroid issue then youcan take it frequently.Benefits: v Cabbage juice mix showed a significant reduction in blood levelsof low-density lipoprotein.v  Cabbage juice is truly a savior for digestive tracts indistress.v It is packed with photochemical.v Cabbage juice soothes acid reflux and painful inflammation ofthe digestive tract.

v  Lactic acid found incabbage juice, re-establishes friendly gut flora, cleanses and disinfects thecolon, making it an ideal treatment for colitis.Lemon juiceIngredients: lemons and baking soda.How to use:  To reduce excess gas is to stir one teaspoon of lemon juiceand half teaspoon of baking soda with a cup of water. Drink thisafter your meals as it helps in forming carbon dioxide which facilitates thedigestion process. You willfind complete relief with this terrific gasBenefits: v This help to alleviate digestion and trapped gas problems, ithelps to increase your body’s pH level, which is absolutely crucial for youroverall health and longevity.

v It isa natural digestive aid.v  Lemons are rich in vitamins B and C, riboflavin, calcium,phosphorus, magnesium, proteins and carbohydrates. v When above two items are mixed together the benefits to yourbody are incredible.

                          By using all above natural tips,you can reduce and control acidity and gas problems. By using this tips youwill never face any side effects because, they are completely natural. I hopeyou enjoyed by reading article.


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