Gatsby, Jordan, Daisy, Nick, which one do we know the most about? Well the obvious answer is Nick due to his role as the narrator and “friend” throughout the book, therefore we are given a special insight to how he thinks versus how he acts and behaves with others.

In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s book, The Great Gatsby, Nick Carraway decides to be very passive and let events transpire that didn’t have to occur while lying to himself and others closeby.Nick Carraway can’t completely be classified as an honest person, he constantly says bad things and makes remarks towards people he says he’s friends with. We know his thoughts because only because is the narrator, but he rarely acts on these thoughts. He obviously doesn’t care that Gatsby is doing illegal thing with Meyer Wolfsheim, the guy who was rumored to have payed to fix the World Series in 1919. When Gatsby offered him a job, Nick quickly declines: “I’ve got my hands full.

I’m much obliged but I couldn’t take on any more work (88 Fitzgerald).” But for some reason he decided to still be Gatsby’s friend in some sort of false sense that he was like a “God”.  He seemed to be really into Gatsby, the only one who “represented everything for which he has unaffected scorn (6 Fitzgerald).” While Nick loves mostly everything about Gatsby he still has morals and declined that job offer because of them. The fact that Nick dealt with this so quietly and passively eventhough he was very against it to me shows that he is dishonest, because he could have voiced his opinion and not lied. If he would have just been honest, he would have just been straight-up about the matter and said what he thought. This also kind of shows how Nick will just go along with anything and just go with what’s right making him a pushover and followerJordan offers a different aspect to the book as she seems to attract Nick who seems to be torn on his feelings for her.

This is the one time in the book where when Nick is thinking saying stuff about how he loves Jordan but then actually slightly shows it, unlike how he did when offered the job by Gatsby. This is kind of shown when Nick while narrating said. “angry, and half in love with her, and tremendously sorry.” This from my knowledge is what seems to happen in most strong relationships have happen.  But usually then one partner or both will apologize and sort it out, not Nick, He obviously still wants to like her but he is so stubborn that he can’t force himself to do so. This isn’t him lying like earlier but rather just not taking into account that Jordan deserves to know what the heck is happening with him and why he isn’t coming back.

Throughout the book when Nick is being the narrator he seem sto shield some his emotions too,  at one point stating a “man” doesn’t fall in love. Further now we can see how Nick doesn’t regard love as an excuse for anything, maybe that’s the reason he doesn’t fully understand the situation between Gatsby and Daisy, and is now denying how he ever felt, “I wasn’t actually in love, but I felt a sort of tender curiosity.(62 Fitzgerald)”


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