Gender identification is defined by the way the male and female act. Males have different mindsets than females about certain things, making both genders different in their own ways.Dr Zuleyka Zevallos who has a PhD in Sociology shared an article about “Sociology of Gender” explaining how there are many differences in women and men, but it doesn’t have impact on how gender shapes all sexs lives. Even though man and woman have many differences in their physical features and parts, most people learn about their ‘gender identity’ because of the experiences we go through from our childhoods all the way until we get old.There are social and cultural factors that take part in influencing gender role. Social construction of gender was created mainly by the stereotype that’s been in our society for many years. The identity of gender was created through the media, making the viewer think there is a gender standard. As well as parents having expectations for their kids gender identity, and finally the different beliefs or traditions about gender. Society nowadays impacts many people with the use of Media Production like movie, videogames, and magazines making a huge affect on many young men and females. For instance in “Miss Representation” Jennifer Siebel Newsom the director clearly shows how women are supposed to act in public and around other people. In “Miss Representation” all of the women are portrayed as sexual objects toward the viewers of the film and also really focus on how women should act and look to complete their role as a female. Female are presented in a more negative way then men most of time in films, most viewers think that women are the same as they are presented in magazines or movies, which is completely false.  Jennifer Siebel Newsom was trying to show how people are easily guided by media.In the article “Why Parents May Cause Gender Differences in Kids” by Sharon Begley….Parents raise their kids these specific ways because they are influenced by the media, the use of commercials selling to specific gender and not the other lays a big part in this. As well as the colours used when reaching out to a gender, you’ll find boys toy trucks, guns, building blocks and toy soldiers in hard colors like black, blue, green and red and girls toys usually in pink, purple, white.


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