Generally Fruit gives rise to starts from union of  egg cells in the ovule of the flower arefertilized by pollen sperm nuclei. But,in some plants ,how ever ,fruit develops without  fertilization ,a phenomenon know as parthenocarpy(VIRGINFRUIT). Whythe need for seedless fruits? Parthenocarpic fruits has more advantages overseeded fruits.

they are 1.Longer shelf life and2. Greater consumer appeal.  3. parthenocarpy can be promote for increasingwinter and early production in horticulture plants.,  5,6; this says that possibility for theconsumers to  make avaliable freshhorticultural products in all seasons.ReasonsThe most frequent reasons for seedlessfruits development are 1.

Mutation2.Pollination failure,or non functional eggs orsperm. 3.Stenospermocarpy may also produce  seed less fruit,but theseeds are actually aborted after fertilization.4.Parthenocarpy(literally meaning “virgin fruit”)   Thenatural or artificially  production offruit with out fertilization of ovules, which makes seedless fruits.5.

Some Plant Harmones(Auxins,Gibberlins,Cytokinins)6. Ethylene.7.Genetic engineering .  it says  that it is possible to prevent  fertilization it results to obtainseedlessness  by modification of genomein horticulture plants.Some important seed less fruit crops1.

Water melon (triphloid)2.Grapes3.Oranges4.Egg plant(Brinjal) In the case of eggplant,the devoid of seeds prevents browning and texture reduction of the pulp.5.


Howto spread practice of seedless production. A widespread agriculture practice for the productionof seedless parthenocarpic fruit ,by treating flowers with phytohormones beforepollination. Few harmones like Auxin, gibberellin and cytokinins or mixtures ofthese hormones have already proven to be effective in promote fruit developmentin the absence of fertilization in several crop species1.


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