Glory is a movie that tells the history of the 54th regiment, which is the first black regiment to fight in the Civil War. It was led by Robert Gould Shaw.  The significance of the movie lies in the black soldiers fight to end slavery as well as for advancement in their freedom.

It is a way to educate unaware or uneducated individuals on what actually went on during the Civil War. Although the black soldiers may have resulted in receiving fatal injuries or even death from fighting in the Civil War, they were still ready and proud to do so. This showed how black men were willing and not afraid to fight and risk their lives for freedom. The story was told through the eyes of Shaw, but I believe that it would have been more effective should it be told through the eyes of one of the black soldiers.Robert Shaw was my favorite character. A group of black soldiers had just gotten back from jogging. One of them was physically exhausted and had a hard time breathing, so he bent his body over to try to obtain more air.

However, Sergeant Major exclaimed, “You’re not dismissed, royal. Get up.” “I said get up,” he continued. He then kicked the black soldier in the stomach. Shaw saw this and called for Sergeant Major. Shaw stated, “I wonder if you are treating these men too hard.” This shows that Shaw is looking out for the black soldiers.

This is significant because this occurred during the time when blacks were discriminated against by the majority of white males, but Shaw still chose to see them as equal individuals and help them. In addition, Shaw wants to properly train his soldiers. One of the black soldiers had been able to effortlessly use the rifle to aim and shoot down the glass bottle multiple times. This had made the soldier become confident. Shaw saw this and had asked him to step forward. Shaw told him to reload, but it took the soldier some time to do so. Shaw then commanded the soldier to reload faster and shoot. He also shouted his command in the soldier’s face.

The soldier became nervous when doing so, but he was still able to follow Shaw’s commands.  Shaw went on and continued to yet again command the black soldier to do it more quickly. Before Shaw took his leave, he walked up to the major and told him to teach them properly. Ultimately, this shows that Shaw believed that the black soldiers would get a chance to fight and he wants them to be able to properly defend themselves because he genuinely cares about their well-being.Moreover, one of the soldiers had ran off trying to find a pair of boots.

He was whipped multiple times in the back as punishment for doing so. Later that night, Shaw wanted to know the reasoning behind why the soldier had ran off. He then went and asked the black soldier, John Rawlins. Rawlins explained to Shaw that the soldiers are in need of quality boots. Rawlins went and showed Shaw just how damaged the soldiers’ feet have gotten due to their regiment’s lack of quality boots. Shaw had known that they were in need of quality boots, but he did not know that it had affected the soldiers this severely. Shaw wanted them to have quality boots, so he put in a requisition for some.

When he wasn’t able to get them, he threatened them until they were finally willing to give him them. This incident shows that Shaw is trying to understand the black soldiers and help them as much as possible.I would advise you to use this film next semester because a deeper message is hidden within the movie.

While also learning about part of the history of the Civil War, the movie has shown me just how bad the blacks had suffered during the time of the Civil War. They were seen as inferior. For instance, they were supposed to only receive $10 a month instead of $13, since they were the first all black regiment. However, they refused to accept this payment. Although it meant that they might not be able to receive any form of payment at all, they did not hesitate to stand up for themselves. They did not understand why the color of their skin should result in them getting paid less than white soldiers since they were also risking their lives just like the white soldiers.

This shows that the black soldiers fought for what they believed in. The meaning of “ante up and kick in” is that it is time for the 54th regiment soldiers to take action and stand up and fight for their country. Although they have received unequal treatment as black individuals of America, they should put that aside and do their best. They knew that this fight was going to be fatal and almost suicidal, but they were willing to “ante up and kick in,” which meant that they were willing to boldly and proudly risk their lives.Although it is considered an honor to be able to carry the flag, Trip didn’t want to carry the flag because he doesn’t get anything out of it. He tells Shaw that he isn’t fighting the war for him.

He felt as if nothing was going to change for black individuals regardless of whether or not they won the war. Although Trip was willing to fight, he continued to refuse carrying the flag up until the end. Trip should have picked up the flag in the end of the film because it shows that he is not just fighting for blacks but also for the country. Although he died in battle, I think that it was the right decision for Trip to pick up the flag because it shows that he saw hope in the advancement of blacks.The filmmakers were trying to depict how black individuals had fought hard to become soldiers. Although it was extremely tough due to all of the obstacles like discrimination that stood in their way, they were still able to persevere. Furthermore, the 54th regiment soldiers heroically advanced through the dangerous Fort Wagner on July 18, 1863.

Along with many black soldiers, Robert Shaw had died boldly charging through the battlefield.Given the aftermath of the Civil War, the African American troops had made a significant contribution to the advancement of their race. Following the 54th regiment, more black individuals were recruited as soldiers. Although over half the soldiers had died at war, they have received recognition from President Lincoln for their heroic bravery and favorably helping in the Civil War.

Douglass’ prediction came true because the 54th regiment was a big step forward for black individuals towards freedom. After the Civil War, whites began to change their perception of black individuals. Moreover, the result of the Civil War had lead to the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendment. The 13th amendment outlawed slavery in the United States in 1865. The 14th amendment gave all Americans equal protection under the law and granted them citizenship. However, it did not come without repercussions. Segregation emerged, which meant that whites and blacks were still separated based on ethnicity.

The 15th amendment guaranteed all men the right to vote but only if their evaluations indicated that they were literate. Moreover, the Civil War has shown how black soldiers are just as capable and valuable as white soldiers.  Therefore, they should not be viewed as any different. Ultimately, this shows how blacks deserve the right to citizenship and equality.


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