GoalStatementMy main educationalgoal is to complete studies. I firmly believe that completing my education willequip me with knowledge and requisite experience to become an accomplished adult-genealogist.

Besides, I want to use my skills to improve the health of patients and enhancethe quality of life of my community; moreover, knowledge and skills derived willhelp me promote healthy lifestyle because this is the most proactive approachto spreading any health message fast and for many years to come. Research showsthat the number of ill patients in inpatient hospitals continues to increase,hence the need for more acute care nurses. I want to be part of the team thatprovides high-quality care, ensures a reduced length of hospital stay, andmakes patients and their families feel satisfied. I am a supporter of anintegrated care system which emphasizes the involvement of patients and theirfamilies. Additionally, I want tocontribute to the existing body of knowledge on adult-genealogy. This goal isgrounded on the assumption that the best adult-genealogical practice is basedon evidence and perfect knowledge of acute care standards.

I have socialintelligence skills and excellent communication skills that a nurse needs toprovide quality and effective care, but I would like to polish them profoundly.I want to employ these skills to establish a strong emotional bond with mypatients. My vision is to be a nurse who patients see as their friend ratherthan a professional. It will be vital that I understand the feelings ofpatients and their views on the care services. In my view, acute care involvesmore than providing interventions.

The program also pays special attention tointerdisciplinary collaboration for information sharing.My professional goal isto become adult-genealogical acute care nurse practitioner (AG ACNP). I choosenursing because it is a career that deals with people physically, mentally, andemotionally. I am usually committed to my work and an adamant advocate for thewell-being of patients. AG ACNPs are allowed to diagnose and treat illnesses,and this mandate will enable me to understand the challenges patients encounterwith medical procedures. The program will enable me to apply my communicationskills and emotional intelligence skills in providing direct patient managementthroughout the care process. Moreover I find this practice relevant to my goalof improving my community by advocating for the best home-based care practicesand by helping my community in addressing emerging health issues.The AG ACNP programcannot be compared with any other in the field of nursing.

I am interested inthe program because it focuses on critical care, emergency, andcardio-pulmonary trauma. These areas match my objective to manage the physical,mental, emotional health, and emergency conditions of people. The programoffers the flexibility I need to acquire knowledge in various domains ofhospitalized patient practice. Furthermore, the program deals with some of theareas of acute care that I am interested in, such as internal medicine,cardiology, and trauma. .

Also, Knowing how to manage them will be my greatesteducational achievement. Enrolling into this program will prepare me as a nursepractitioner in acute care involving an array of complex problems.To conclude, researchshows that the number of ill patients in inpatient hospitals continues toincrease; hence, the need for more acute care nurses arises. This fact hasdriven me to completing studies that will equip me with knowledge and requisiteexperience to become an accomplished adult-genealogist. Besides, I want to usemy skills to better the health of patients and enhance the quality of life ofmy community; moreover, the most proactive approach to spreading any healthmessage fast and for long would be through the use of my knowledge and skillsderived from AG ACNP program. I want to be part of the team that giveshigh-quality care, ensures a reduced length of hospital stay, and satisfiespatients and their families


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