Good and evil are not distinct from one another but are simply intertwined, and each can even be defined by the other. Dr. Jekyll, considered the quintessential morally upright man in the eyes of society, had long contended with the darker, more secretive side of himself.

 At the end of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Jekyll writes a letter in which he explains his reasons for wanting to be Mr. Hyde, his other self. Dr.Jekyll battled to contain his evil subconscious thoughts, which through his transformation, finally caught up with him and overpowered him. Clearly, he had forgotten that he could now be labeled as evil, the complete opposite of the reputation he had held in upper class society. His actions would bring discredit to this all-important reputation, causing his fall from grace.

Going on to further explain the factors society plays in labeling based on one’s class and character; initially, we’re told that you are meant to be who you really are and your actions defines the person you are. Although class tends to have a major impact on the lives of citizens by labeling  you from the very beginning. The more you indulge in a certain behavior, you are prone to be  labeled as such. People might have forgotten that class goes way back to the nineteenth century. Class gave a form of structure to people when it came to building and structuring their social groups.

It also placed people in groups in regards based on their “assets, family, and education.” All of these expectation may have taken a toll on Dr. Jekyll to even want to express his other side that society would not approve of. The characters that were used In Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde represent a group of people who are conservatives.

The interesting part was trying to understand how their minds we set up when Hyde comes into their social group through Dr. Jekyll, which of course would surprise the audience. “In Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, social class impacts the psyche of the individuals because personalities and actions revolve around the idea of being accepted in a conservative society. Dr. Jekyll simply wanted to be perceived in such a way in which he truly is not.

He did not necessarily want to stand out because he himself enjoyed the violent side of himself. Dr, Jekyll  was simply one click away from evolving to his true self.              We’ve been led to believe that our reputation is determined by the perception of society. Society tends to dictate the everyday lives of many individuals by creating social norms, making it inevitable for one to indulge in what they take pleasure in. Also, sending people who disregard their pleasures into a state of depression. This ends in the result of an dissatisfied and unfulfilled life, however, through the narrow lens of society, most would claim that these individuals lives are good. In reality, this is usually far from accurate, although living respectable lives this does not equate to happiness.

Which in end results led Dr. Jekyll to find his remedy to cure the dullness and unhappiness he encountered.           The alter ego of Mr. Hyde bring an unresisting immoral excitement that pleasures Dr. Jekyll. If Dr. Jekyll were to remain as Mr. Hyde from the very beginning, society would have believed that Mr.

Hyde behavior may have been caused by lack of education, faith in the virtues, such as courage, honesty, generosity, kindness, and humility. However, individuals will continue the attempt to balance good and evil and shame those who don’t live up to the good of society. To indulge in such evil pleasure caused Dr. Jekyll to had go through a lot to conceal his sinful acts as Mr. Hyde. As a result, the experiment would separate the evil creating the alter ego of Dr. Jekyll being named Mr. Hyde.

When morphed into Mr. Hyde he would become a much younger man of smaller stature, his appearance would resemble that of one who is deformed and his behavior would be a non respectable man. By the day Dr. Jekyll would be his very own self and continue to live his unhappy life as an old man, but by night he would indulge in pleasure as the youthful Mr. Hyde.

There has been times where class determine in which one can reach their full potential and/or who someone will truly want to be. And according to Strange Case novel, Dr. Jekyll invested his time in what people in his era would consider uncommon and seen as inappropriate in a usual conservative era. Though Science was an important theme in Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde, it was used to alter state of minds of minorities. Mainly because Dr, Jekyll had to keep his alter ego a secret from society.

Many have overlooked  the potentials that one can portray and simply determine their capabilities of their social class.Those that are judged based on their social class, more than likely find it hard to get jobs because people would either think that they are not equipped for the job or simply may not have enough intelligence to carry out simple tasks. Education is provided to many people who come from all economic backgrounds and from all financial situations. However, not everyone is able to obtain the same education system to the best of their abilities. Minorities who live in poor conditions or simply lower class may be expected to do more at home, take up a job to help support their families and may not be able to focus solely on their studies. That being said, there is a high chance for them to settle for less or invest their time into certain things that society may view a pointless. If you go further into looking at social class through Strange Case of Dr.

Jekyll Mr. Hyde, it shows how social class has build a strong idea through the way the characters act and even think. The acceptance towards certain ideas and even actions are chosen carefully in the eyes of society when it comes to social class placement. In this novel we can see how social class tends to make characters act in certain ways, and usually it is mostly it is in the effort of trying to present their full personality in order to not be labeled a lower or working class person.

However, he did wants the people around him to see him as a conservative well respected gentlemen. No matter what society try to categorize you as, you are who you’re meant to be even with the lack of education, faith in the virtues, such as courage, honesty, generosity, kindness, and humility.  All in all, Mr. Hyde losing control from covering his unrestrained identity leads to his destruction.


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