Good organization is beneficial of showing you have

Good grades are very important however being involved with
extracurricular activities is beneficial on campus as well. Why? You may ask. It
is beneficial because you learn more about yourself, develop social skills,
learn to balance your time, expand your resume, and giving back to the

in a student club or activity presents opportunities for you to learn about
yourself, your aspirations and your strengths, maybe even your weaknesses. You
can learn from your peers and how they handle certain situations and how they
handle them. You could see first-hand what you good at, maybe multitasking,
being organized, coming up with ideas, or serving other people. Self-awareness will
be a benefit in your future career path.

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with others around you outside of class allows you to effectively build your “people
skills.” Joining a club especially not only develops this skill but it broadens
what you may already have. You will learn how to speak to individuals and
larger audiences. According to “An extracurricular activity is a good way for people to be social in a
more relaxed environment. And they get to meet people with the same interests.

Being with other people who enjoy the same things can help your child feel like
he belongs.” You will also acquire
a stronger emotional intelligence as you build new relationships.

no argument when taking up an extra activity outside of class; you’ll get a
chance to expand you resume. Showing an future employer you participated in or
lead a student organization is beneficial of showing you have great leader
skills. According to Megan Dorsey, “Employers aren’t
looking for a specific number of activities. Instead they want to see skills,
talents, and habits that indicate your potential as an employee. You can
acquire and heighten these skills through extracurricular activities.” They will know that you are a hard working person
and you can handle multiple responsibilities.

clubs on campus provides the opportunities to give back to the community, where
its through hosting events, volunteering you service, or drives for charity. Not
only is it good for society, but it will teach you how to give back and connect
with people in your community and society. 

All in all, good grades can get
you scholarships and give you a sash to put on your graduation gown that shows
you graduated with honors. Although it is quite an achievement, having work
experience, knowing people and having developed social skills, along with
having a valuable work ethic, and giving back to your community is much more
important in the long run.