Growing up, my parents have always told me the value and power of education. This coming spring of 2018, I will be graduating from Howard Community College, with an associate’s degree in General Studies-Business, Leadership and Technology. After graduation, I plan to continue my education, by pursuing a bachelor’s degree, in Information Systems. As I continue on this journey, there are many things I hope to achieve, such as developing communication skills, having a good college experience, and having a good educational experience.First, I feel that communication with everyone is very important in today’s world.

It is not only important for school purpose but it is something that is very critical that we need to apply in our line of work and everyday life.  College allows us, to get an exposure to real-life situations when dealing with group projects for our classes, or just meeting new people from different parts of the world. It also allows us to make connections when interacting with others, and help build a network around us.Second, is to have a good college experience by participating in school activities such sports/religious/career clubs. This would allow me to find what my interests are, find what I don’t like. Participation in school activities would also help to keep me busy and learn how to manage my time better. In addition, participating in school clubs could help me to meet different people who may have similar interest, as I do. This is also good to help relieve stress.

Lastly, having a good educational experience is something I am hoping to achieve. I hope to learn from different professors about the area of study I am interested in. With their knowledge, I hope I can comprehend and apply the material in real life situations. In other words, understand and master the subject instead of memorizing it for an exam.                           With these in mind, I hope to build good memories at college. I also hope that all these components will be contributing factors to my success in life.


I'm Katy!

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