Growing in my life at home, work and

Growing up with a big family, meant growing up with
different phases. Watching the way my parents, siblings, cousins, aunties and
uncles behaved with each other, with us and with everyone around them always
fascinated me. I found myself examining their behaviour constantly. It was the
child to teen years that I had found the most interesting. What causes and
triggers their rebellious behaviours, what makes them more sympathetic or
unsympathetic and what their thought process is. Psychological theories and analysis
became a big feature in my life at home, work and in the outside world.
Appreciating the science of psychology and wanting to understand it more, I
made the choice to study it and gain more knowledge.

Wanting to learn and study psychology was first awakened
when I had started to understand life as a teenager and how a person’s thoughts
and behaviour affects society, positive or negative. Not only has my interest
in the topic increased but I am eager to learn and explore more. It is said a good
psychologist can be described as a person who appreciates their own psychology,
and I am working to appreciate my own.

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Having a big family has made me more aware of how to analyse
and deal with situations depending on the behaviour of an individual and
understanding thought process. This has made me more empathetic as I have
cousins of all ages and I now have a good understanding of everyone’s needs
just by studying their behaviour. It has made me aware of the triggers of good
and bad behaviour. This interested me to grow my knowledge in the fascinating
subject of psychology from my hobby to my career.

I believe, with the combination of what I have learnt from my
life’s experience and my enthusiasm for psychology will make me an ideal
candidate for studying the subject.

In my time away from studies, my life is spent enjoying time
with friends and family. I also enjoy playing basketball and badminton, going
to my local park and playing with friends and others who also enjoy the sports,
this allows me to interact with those who have similar interests and helps with
my communication skills. A significant belief I have is that every one of us
can make this world a better place. Because of this belief I now do my best to be
involved in charity events, I regularly donate and have sponsored an orphaned
child in India to receive the best care and education.

 Remaining time goes
to working as a retail advisor. This experience has taught me how to deal with
situations methodically and improved my skills.

I would be an asset to your university as I am very
passionate about my subjects. The course I want to study will broaden my
knowledge, satisfy my curiosity and deepen my understanding. I am very
determined and the course you are offering will be highly motivating to achieve
life goals.