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Handheld computersfootnote{ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Handheld\_PC} may become an progressively convincing decision of technology for classrooms since they empower a progress from the periodic, supplemental use related with computer labs, to continuous and necessary use of portable computational technology ~parencite{roschelle2003keynote}. Based on the article of ~parencite{vahey2002palm}, the authors stated that teachers and students should react to handhelds positively. For instance, 90\% of teachers in an investigation of 100 classrooms declared that handhelds were successful instructional tools with the possibility to affect student learning positively over different topics and instructional exercises. ~parencite{roschelle2003keynote} in her article provides details regarding the use of classroom, or lecture room response systems. An educator poses a short multiple-choice question and each student chooses an answer on a handheld device like a TV remote control. The system immediately gathers all student’s responses and presents them in a histogram. Despite the fact that the form of response is limited, adopters have shown how the devices can bolster formative assessment, enabling the teachers to evaluate the learning of individual students and the general understanding-level of the whole class. Educators can demand pupils create virtual study groups using mobile devices to share or to ask academic information. With numerous social applications accessible, it is very easy to connect students using mobile devices. Normally, few children are really shy and they do not want to connect with others in the real world, therefore they may find it less difficult to connect virtually. Based on that, it is much easy for teachers to spot these pupils and they create a group of children, which share the same mobile device in the classroom or outside the classroom. Children learn easier when they get examples and illustrations from fellow students. So as an educator it is crucial to blend ingenious learners with slow learners.