Having experienced the debilitating effects that devastating illness’ such as cancer can have on a loved one,  I witnessed the knowledge, care, support and hope given by medical professionals. When my grandmother suffered a heart attack, we regarded the many doctors, consultants and nurses who supported her as heroes. However, front-line staff are not alone in providing developments in the medical science and care that make a significant difference to another life.

It is in this capacity, with a focus on science that I wish to dedicate my future studies to.I have sought opportunities to develop my skills in science and achieved Gold for my CREST Project in which I had to design a vertical farm for future generations; gaining a better insight into the ways in which we can aid the survival of future generations. As a result, I was asked to talk at Statoil’s ‘Heroes of Tomorrow” event and received the “Most Practical” award.

In addition to my academic studies, I was a mentor to younger years aiding them with any support they needed. I was selected to be a House Captain, which helped me further my leadership and teamwork skills when hosting house assemblies and events. To tackle low participation, I thought of giving prizes to whomever participates the most in the year which saw high levels of attendance from pupils. I enrolled in the S6 Science Ambassador scheme where I visited local Primary schools and delivered lessons to younger pupils as well as taking on the role of mentor to younger year’s pupils and being a member of a peer support group.

Success as a student is as much about academic ability as it is about the experiences and interactions made outside the school wall in order to further yourself as an individual. In this respect I was also fortunate to gain a place on the “Access to Life Sciences” programme at Robert Gordon University. This 8-week programme offered a practical overview of the life of a biomedical sciences student and provided the opportunity to work on projects with pupils from other schools involving analytical thinking and problem solving.

From this, I particularly enjoyed chemical analysis as I like problem solving to determine unknown chemical values. Working closely with academic staff and students facilitated my forming positive relationships with them in a short space of time, increasing my adaptability and professionalism. These experiences in a higher education environment greatly helped me understand the requirements and demands of a student in my chosen study area.In addition, I have shadowed GP staff, working closely with a doctor to better understand how a patients’ needs can be effectively met. These non-academic experiences have prompted me to be more approachable and manage and organise tasks to a set timeline.Completion of the Gold Duke of Edinburgh award further enabled me to develop communication skills across a range of ages whilst learning more about my local community; In addition, I have completed over 500 hours of voluntary service for The Saltire Awards with the Salvation Army Charity shop and Angusfield Care Home, whilst also being employed at Hollister and KFC. This has undoubtedly enabled me to be more self-aware and focus on the efficient organisation of my studies and work life.

Meeting new people and widening my ability to adapt to new situations and environments will assist me in preparing for entering higher education and being the best student I can be.I am committed, ambitious and diligent and have actively sought experiences to extend my knowledge in Science and to ensure that I have all the necessary skills and qualities to be a successful student. My awareness of the physical and emotional demands of a life sciences student has forged a strong desire to go into the subject area and I look forward to the next stage in my academic studies and the opportunities that university can offer.


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