Henry Prince Henry was also voyager he voyaged

Henry the Navigator Henry the navigator was someone who explored Africa but was not someone you would call a sailor he sailed a few time searching for gold and thing to keep his kingdom alive he would buy or trade african american slaves for goods like gold and other treasures but Henry the Navigator was an explorer and in these sections you will see the time when he live his life exploring and trading and towards the end of his life where he has children and when he passes away he was not a bad man but he was a nice average human.Prince Henry born in March 3, 1394 in Portugal he was the third born of king john, he was a person who would fight for his kingdom, and fight for his people. Prince Henry was also voyager he voyaged along Madeira Islands and the western coast of Africa. When Henry had turned 17 in 1411. He asked his father if they should atack Africa to make them an even richer kingdom than they already were. KIng John agreed with Prince Henry to go to the war and they went on and attacked Africa. For many year they had got ready for this major attack. He made sure there were enough ships for the the war the ships had cannons, sails, and flag of his kingdom. In the war there was the slashing of swords the booming of guns and cannons and most of all blood everywhere. Once the portugal won war, king John led them to victory. When Prince Henry returned to his kingdom his people had given him the nickname Henry the Navigator. He was named Henry the Navigator because didn’t care for being a fighter he wanted to be an explorer. Henry started a school that him and others could share each other’s information with one another he discovered ne new foods while searching for new routes so his kingdom could find new trading posts. Henry wasn’t a sailor he just sail the coast of africa. Prince Henry went to wars and got caught up in them so he could protect his people and his home and his kingdom.  Prince henry wanted to be an explorer and not be warrior because being a warrior meant being violent and a risk of him and his family’s death. Prince Henry became a king known as King Henry King Henry had 8 children King henry also had two wives their names were Catherine of Aragon his other wives name was Anne Boleyn. Henry lived in Porchugal from (1394-1460). Prince henry also die in 1460 he die at 66 years old. Prince Henry’s kingdom was in Porchugal of Philadelphia.When Prince Henry was on ship searching for gold  he had always found a large amount of African American slaves he had pay africa to give him slaves for his kingdom  and he had heard that the african american slaves have been working for hm for many many years. Prince Henry have returned to his kingdom with what they had asked him for, he handed over the slaves and all the gold he had found. When Prince Henry was a child he was a Duke he helped serve the the king, as a kid his kingdom was the one that had started the Civil War. Prince Henry had started  school of navigation for his kingdom to help kid family’s know where things are and where things aren’t  and where to go and where not to go and even locations of gold and other goods once he started his school he helped a lot of people .So as you can see Prince Henry was good man and at times he was mad but he had still helped a lot of people.