Henry the social environmental aspect that these changes

Henry  Ramos

Lisa Cole


January 29, 2018

Review: “Five Trends Influencing the Future of Our Cities”

In the article, “Five Trends Influencing the Future of Our Cities,” Amy Kolczak writes how the Environmental Protection Agency had removed public access to the climate change hub on their site, in response to this action 17 American cities posted this information on their local government websites for public view. Cities all over the world are changing the way they view space in their communities, from employing empty spaces, revitalizing old buildings, or how, and what is installed in these buildings.  The five trends discussed are, “Building for the People, Health and Wellness, Going Green, Planning for Climate Change, The Net-Zero Standard” (Koczak).  All trends which can have a positive impact on the local environment, economy, and the social environmental aspect that these changes bring to cities.

I believe that this topic begins to discuss the importance of the environment within cities over the world. The positive impact environmentalism has on the environment, social structure of these communities, and the economy. In areas where buildings have taken over the landscape of cities, ideas such as building for the people and not cars, creates a social space in which people are no longer relying solely on cars to commute, maybe bike or walk. The economic growth created by providing work for the local community or rebuilding older communities without removing those that have been long time residence.

By changing the way, we build our communities, what we are willing to put in our buildings, the amount of pollution that is acceptable in buildings it is creating a solution to a problem long overlooked.