History of Bahrain existed before an estimated period of over 4000 years and been namedseveral names according to the civilizations that came through the land of Bahrain over thetime.

Bahrain was the main land of an ancient which is called Dimlun, which existed around 3000BC and this civilization continued the existence for almost 2000 years.Geographically, Bahrain is located in the center of the Arabian Gulf; it consists of around 33islands in the east of the Arabian Peninsula. The location gave a great importance to Dilmunsince it was located between the two big civilizations that time which are the Mesopotamia and India. This location gave a big importance to Bahrain at that time since it links two major tradecivilizations and it was known at that time with the variety of trading since merchants usesBahrain as a linking point to rest and load their ships and maintain.After the civilizations that took place in Bahrain, it has been spoken about the 5th century,where Christianity existed in Bahrain and then followed by Islam. Bahrain was always first whenit comes to trade, knowledge, religions and it was all because of the location and because it is known by merchants and traders. This report will present a brief explanation about Bahrainhistory since AL Khalifa family ruled Bahrain and the period of the British colonization andprotectorate in Bahrain.

Al Khalifa Ruling Bahrain:It is known that Alkhalifa is coming from a tribe called Anza which is a tribe coming from anorigin that goes to Bakr Bin Wail. ALkhaIifa, Alsabah, Aljalahma been called Al Utob and they arecoming originally from NAJD in the middle of Arabian Peninsula. Al Khalifa along with Al Utobmigrated from Najd towards Kuwait and Zubara and Bahrain due to several factors, which somehelped to have chance to have an Arabian country ruled by them. One of the resons was thedeparture of Portuguese from the area, the weakness of the Persians in the area at that time,and the commercial importance of Kuwait and Bahrain to the whole area.

Al Khalifa chosen to take over Bahrain after winning the battle of Zubara, Shaikh Ahmed BinMohamed led the way to Bahrain with a company of few tribes such as Al-Jalahma, Albuainain, Al Sudan, Alqubaisat and Al Sulaiti. It was easy for them to control Bahrain without any resistance. They were able to provide the protection to Bahrain after being in years of battlesand instability due to its attractive location and the Persian threats to the country because ofthe location. Shaikh Ahmed was named Alfateh after taking over Bahrain and he was rulingboth Zubara and Bahrain while he used to spend summer only in Bahrain and the rest of theyear in Zubara.Shaikh Ahmed Bin Mohamed ruled Bahrain until his dead in 1783 and his son sheikh Salman bin Ahmed took over the rule in Bahrain. Shaikh Ahmed was buried in Manama and the rest of therulers chosen to reside to Riffa.


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