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Introduction Cognac is a type of brandy, a spirit made from fruit. In the case of cognac, the fruit is exclusively grapes grown in the Cognac region of France, which are known for their aromatic superiority.   The use of the name cognac is protected under French law. It is AOC, Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée, and there are three main requirements to satisfy: First, it must be made from specific grape varieties, such as Ugni Blanc. Second, it must be twice distilled in copper pot stills. And third, it must be aged in oak barrels for at least two years. Thanks […]

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Throughout most of history, the world’s population has been increasing. But near the mid-1400s, the population in Europe and China declined sharply due to the bubonic plague (Black Death). In addition to the bubonic plague, outbreaks and diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, tuberculosis, smallpox, etc. have also caused sharp declines in the world’s population. As cities become more populated, diseases spread faster. Although the population still increases, the population decreases just as fast as the population increases. The topic of diseases and plagues impacting our population is still relevant to the modern day society. This topic is phenomenal to […]

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Pada akhir 2010 hingga pertengahan 2011, beberapa negara di Timur Tengah menghadapi beberapa demonstrasi yang dianjurkan oleh aktivis remaja. Pergerakan demonstrasi, yang dikenali sebagai “Spring Arab” bermula di wilayah Sidi Bouzid Tunisia, ketika para penunjuk perasaan menuntut untuk meninggalkan rezim Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali untuk keadaan ekonomi yang buruk, korupsi dan kadar pengangguran yang tinggi di Tunisia. Tindakan mereka dicetuskan oleh percubaan bunuh diri oleh penjaja bernama Mohamed Bouazizi. Bouazizi membakar dirinya selepas polis merampas barangan berupa buah-buahan dan sayur-sayuran yang merupakan satusatunya sumber pendapatan. Bouazizi meninggal dunia di hospital pada 4 Januari 2011 kerana terbakar dari tindakannya. Segera, Bouazizi […]

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Form Ziggurats were considered to be the resting place of gods, they featured large sheer faces with staircases running up the side, this often formed part of a temple complex. Ziggurats were positioned in the centre of town and were the tallest buildings, this allowed them to be seen from the surrounding area. Ziggurats featured wide bases with smaller rectangular layers sat on top, this allowed there to be an area on the roof to carry out religious ceremonies, however only religious figures such as priests could access this space (, n.d.). The Stupa is a religious monument which was […]

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This is a World War 1 recruitment poster  for Canadian citizens that believed that they needed to help the British and France during the war against the Central Powers (Germany and Austro-Hungarian Empire.)The war united Canadians at first, They were 25, 000 – 33,000 found that volunteered to train for the war at the new camp in Quebec. Until the French and the English speaking Canadians had different reasons for going to war. This is a primary source image of Canadian machine gunners who have dug themselves into shell holes in Vimy Ridge, FranceVimy Ridge is a place in Western […]

Religious Conversion Paper

Name: Lecturer: Course: Date: Religious Conversion Paper Our current society has various witnessed religious movement. These movements have ethical, philosophical, or spiritual, which has a peripheral position in our religious dominant culture. These religious movements may be novel in origin or form part of a bigger religion. This includes religions such as Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and many others. Collectively, there are eight major religions in the world. This paper will mainly focus on Christianity and its belief system since it is largest of all other religions. The Christian religion asserts that God the Father is the creator all things, […]

Racial Formation and Asian American Panethnicity

Name: Tutor Course: Date: Racial Formation and Asian American Panethnicity In both readings, the focus goes to racism and ethnicity. Racism manifests in the treatment received by other races from the whites-race in the United States. The Asians continuously migrated into the country and perceived as a different race until the incremental of their population led to their generalization despite hailing from different cultures. In racial formation, racial paradigms identified include; nation, class and ethnicity. These identify the role of race in the identity, territory and inequality. Existence of racism in the 90s cannot be overruled since it appeared as […]

American History

Name: Tutor: Course: Date: American History Question 1 The industrial development in the United States from 1877-1900 led to a dynamic alteration that characterized industrial America. The United States experienced economic transformations that resulted from a matured industrial economy, the fast extension of large businesses, the progression of agriculture and industrial conflict. Nonetheless, industrialization proved essential to this transformation due to its effects on urbanization, immigration and labor. Foremost, the outburst of technological innovation fueled economic growth. However, such innovations only facilitated rapid development of the American corporation. The ideology of corporations facilitated large businesses that amassed significant productive capacities. […]

Profylaxis of Malaria

Compare and contrast the medicines used in the prophylaxis of malaria The bite of an infected female Anopheles mosquito can cause protozoan parasites which when passed on from human to human can generate the well known tropical disease known as malaria. The prophylaxis of malaria, a vector borne infectious disease, is vital as prevention for this disease is very necessary. Malaria can be infected in humans by four separate species of plasmodium parasites. These parasites are Plasmodium falciparum, Plasmodium vivax, Plasmodium ovale and Plasmodium malariae. The major difference in these plasmodium parasites is that Plasmodium falciparum can cause life threatening […]

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Why Cryptocurrencies Are Such a Wild Ride What takes a month in money markets, takes a day in the wild universe of digital currencies. Here are a couple of reasons why Bitcoin, Ethereum and Co. offer a particularly unstable ride nowadays. Once more, this exclusive is by all accounts the start of the crypto blast, showcase capitalization is probably going to twofold every year. However, be watchful out there: “News” from China is at fault A week ago, the Chinese money related stage Caixin revealed that China has restricted purported ICOs — a well known crowdfunding technique in the crypto scene. This news […]

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