Homecoming king    One day I will always remember is seeing my cousin when homecoming king.       We got out of school and went to go get some cupcakes and then went home. When we got home we went to go finish packing then got every thing in the car and headed to beckley. It took us forever but we got to stop at chick-fil-a and get dinner.

we got to my grandparents we went in the house and unpacked then went straight to the football game. When we got there we bought are tickets and went to go sit down when we were walking I saw my cousin and we got a picture of him then went and sat down. A few minutes later my Aunt Nicole got there and her boyfriend David and cousin Cooper with one of his friends sat down with us.

We watched the football game for a while and they scored then we would score. After a while we went to go get some snacks and a drink. When we got back to our seats it was a half time. They announced everybody’s name who got voted king and queen then the announcer said Jarrett’s name and another girl that they won homecoming king and queen. We all are very  joyousness and we all cheered.  The girl that one homecoming queen gave a crown to one of the other girls who did not win. Then we went through the gate to get pictures.

                                                                                                                                                                     They locked the fence on us so we had to jump the fence and then we went to go watch more of the football game. We had to leave and the end of the 3rd quarter because Riggs was tired and we were all leaving anyway we gave hugs then we left got home brushed our teeth  put on our pjs and went to bed. This is one day I am not going to forget!!.


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