Horses machine for purchase orders. It will be

for industrial sector can be divided in sub- segments. Such as applications for
oil field apparatus to refrigerating equipment, and high pressure and high
temperature segment. Titeflex played minor role in the applications for oil
field apparatus to refrigerating equipment market due to price sensitive
customers.  According to the case
Titeflex was paying more attention to maintain high quality. But the above
segment prefers low price products and not concern about the quality. Therefore
Titeflex should be produced low price products with the required level of
quality. No need to maintain high quality. 
Quality and reliability were important factors in high temperature and
high pressure segment. Customers are not price sensitive in that market.
Therefore Titeflex can charge higher prices while providing high quality products
to the customers than its competitors.


segment was probable to rise the fastest. But high price competition and small
varieties of products available in this market. And also late and early
deliveries were not accepted by customers. In very first Titeflex must forecast
future demand. Because automotive segment had a high probability to grow. After
that should be planned material, labour, capacity and machine requirements to
fulfill future demand.

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a result of development of the information technology customer’s needs and wants
changing day by day.  Due to that
changing  opportunity and threats in
external environment. Therefore, organizations should be conducted survives to
identify customers’ requirements periodically. Based on such service should be
implement continual improvements in term of quality, cost, flexibility, response
time service and variability. If not could not be survived in the market.


to the case there were 06 organizational levels from the bottom to top. Hence
fix a machine for purchase order might require seven or eight signatures. Due to
that increase response time to customer order. Therefore should be
eliminated   levels of authorizations for
fix a machine for purchase orders. It will be caused to speed up the
manufacturing process to quick response.