How would you feel if most of our farmland is taken away by us to build an urban sprawl?   Farmland is now disappearing because our population is increasing and would lead to farmland disappearing which won’t be good for farmers considering that there would be a decline on farmers. Since the year 1971 there was approximately 366 110 to 205 730 farmers, the amount farmers has declined 44% (Algie ) as shown in (see appendix A). Some farmers in Ontario use commercial fertilizer on crops and plants which shows that the crops that are being sold is inorganic and not too sanitary to be eaten. Putting pesticides on crops can kill plants and ill people which won’t be good for our farmers.This would not be good for farmers since farmers can be blamed for sickening the population. By showing how the population is increasing and farmland is decreasing people will try to help save the farmland. Some causes that can affect the loss of farmland is critical and cannot be undone.

The first cause is that population is increasing which mean that construction workers build more buildings, houses, apartments etc and lead to farmland being towed away. Farmland getting towed away also leads to the nutrients from the soil that the plants need is gone. Now most land is being sold to build homes, roads, condos, etc selling the land would mean farmers are decreasing which would lead to farmland decreasing as well. Most people want to live in a community where there are already a bunch of  people and more construction around them.Another cause is that the farmland can have an unexpected weather hit which means that the farmland can be ruined in which making it hard for the farmers to grow crops. It would lead to farmers unable to grow crops and support the community. Another fact that cause the farmland to be lost is that the average temperature in Ontario has increased 1.

4°C overall (see appendix B) and is estimated to increase 2.5°C – 3.7°C in 2050. In 2050 more extreme rainfall will happen more often and is combined with warmer summer temperatures, this will increase evaporation levels and more intense dry periods will occur. This means that there would be less water from runoffs and the soil would be dry unsuitable for agriculture.

The last cause that can happen is that farmers are using commercial fertilizer. Using commercial fertilizer can kill plants, insects etc. In the year 2011 commercial fertilizer has been used in 69% of the canadian crops. People reported saying that there were approximately 69% of herbicide on the crops and in the lower numbers people reported that on the crops there were 23% of fungicide and 15 % of insecticides. By using these chemicals this can damage farmrland considering that it kills many elements that are needed in the soil.

 These causes can affect the farmland really bad and can never be undone.   The effects that happen to farmland are critical and irreversible. The first effect is if population increases this will mean that the soil of class 1,2 ,3 and 4 won’t be as common in Ontario anymore considering that now the government has to hold onto Ontario’s soil seeing that the soil is irreplaceable. Farmers lost about  260 000 hectares of land in 2006-2011. Ontario’s can’t continue producing much food if farmland continues to decrease. As population increases farmers and farmland decreases due to construction of buildings, roads etc. Another effect would be as increasing temperature continues it would mean that crops would die because as temperature increases this will mean that the crops can become too dry and crumble.

There won’t be as much water considering they would be evaporated from the change of the temperature and won’t be good for the population, animals and farmers. This would not  good for the crops because they would die and the population would not have much veggies to feed on along with the herbivores not having much food for them either. The last effect that can happen is that people putting commercial fertilizer onto the plants and crops etc. Using commercial fertilizer can damage the plants badly because the fertilizer like insecticide can kill insects that damages the plant and crop but also kill the insects that help the plants grow. Commercial fertilizer can also damage the soil by contaminating it and allowing the chemicals soak into the soil. Just because people damage the farmland it does not mean that people can do good and solve the problem to the save farmland. One solution used to save the farmland is when the Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) demanded the government that they also needed to add class 4 soil into the prime farmland. Adding class 4 farmland would mean that class 1,2,3 and 4 farmland will now be protected.

Another solution would be to build farther away from where the farmland is. Building farther away from the farmland would mean that not much people can pollute the crops and that construction workers would not often use their land to build houses. The last solution would be to increasing awareness to what is happening to the farmland and how much land has been lost over the years. Showing people how much land that has been lost can affect their way of thinking and start helping to save the farmland. Changing their way of thinking can help benefit the farmers a lot since now farmers can have a larger area to grow crops for the increasing population in Ontario. Even though there are many things damaging the farmland there are also manythings that can help save the farmland. The causes that happen to the farmland are increase in population, temperature increasing, which would kill crops, and lastly using commercial fertilizers to kill weed and insect that damages crops.

The effects that could happen are population increase and lead to downfall of farmland, temperature increase and lead to crops dying which is not  good for farmers and usage of commercial fertilizer to stabilizes the crops. Some solutions that could be used re saving the the soil that would be needed to grow crops, build urban sprawl further away from farmland and let people know what is happening to the farmland. To prevent this from happening in the future people can be more aware of what is going on and work together as a community to find a solution that can help us save the last bit of farmland that still exist. In conclusion though there are many thing happening to damage the farmland there are things our community can do to save the farmland.


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