However, it
is important to bring some points regarding Navalny’s activities towards
nationalism. In his book Marc Bennets did some analyses and conclusions
regarding Navalny political views: ”Navalny was, of course, no Nazi. But he
was virulently opposed to mass immigration from impoverished Central Asian states like
Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, something he believed was ‘planting a bomb under our
future’. ‘Navalny usually does his best to ensure his statements stay on the
‘moderate’ side of the nationalist stance, pointing out that a visa regime for
migrants from Central Asia would provide them with rights, as well as
obligations to Russian society, but he occasionally lets his guard down. ‘These
people will NEVER assimilate’, he wrote of a regional scheme to offer migrant
workers citizenship. In an even more blatant example of his views, he also
publicly referred to Central Asian migrants workers as ‘chuchmeky’ – an
offensive, ethnically loaded term used mainly for migrant workers from
Tajikistan and Uzbekistan ”Positioning itself as the ‘first
national-democratic’ movement in Russia’s ‘new history’, “The People” (NAROD)
called for free elections and an end in corruption, goals shared by any self-respecting Russian liberal. But
NAROD also demanded the restoration of the ‘organic unity’ of former Russian
territories, from ancient Kievan Rus to the Soviet Union, and an amnesty for
the handful of Russian soldiers who had been found guilty of crimes against civilians in Chechnya. ‘The Kremlin
says its generous spending in the North Caucasus republic is an attempt to
prevent the outbreak of another was there. But critics say the money is
frequently misused by Chechnya’s young
leader, Ramzan Kadyrov, a former rebel
fighter back to Putin. The popular  ‘Stop Feeding the  Caucasus!’ campaign, which Navalny supports, calls for an end to the massive
injection of cash into Chechnya and other republics in the region”. (Marc
Bennets, pages 78 – 83).


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