, buy INOX, INOX Singapore, INOX Stainless Steel Bottle online, INOX Stainless Steel Bottle priceStore drinking water safely with INOXStainless steel has been used in the kitchen for various purposes, for years, now.

It is because, if the utensils manufactured with high quality stainless steel are used, there are no worries of rusting or breakage, or harmful elements being transferred to food during the cooking process. Also, these products are dishwasher safe, which makes them very convenient to use even on daily basis. Understanding this, INOX Singapore brings to you a wide range of stainless steel products for daily use in the kitchen.

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These are highly durable, and do not cause the problem of plastic waste. Though, there is a huge variety of plastic products in the market, they are not safe to be used for storing or serving several food items, especially the ones with acidic properties, as they can be harmful for consumption due to reaction with the plastics. One can notice the huge amount of plastic waste being produced due to the use of plastic bottles, which are not at all suitable for drinking water or other beverages, as they tend to get the scaling deposits pretty quickly. Therefore, use of stainless steel bottles for storing drinking water is advisable. These stainless steel bottles manufactured by the company have stylish looks and are much more convenient to use, as compared to plastic bottles. These are much easier to wash and convenient to carry hot beverages like tea or coffee. Your drink will remain warm for hours, as the bottles come with double wall vacuum insulation, which helps in retaining the temperature of the drink.

The bottles are easy to carry in handbags or backpacks, as they fit well, and they can also be placed in cup holders in cars. They are available in different colour options, like red and black, which makes them look super stylish. There is an array of designs of INOX Stainless Steel Bottles, available online on Lazada, Singapore’s leading shopping destination, providing premier quality products. Buy superior quality INOX products online Other than bottles, the company also manufactures a huge range of kitchen ware, like pounders, small pots, serving spoons of different shapes, coffee mugs, steamers etc. They are all manufactured using premium quality stainless steel, which is treated to be anti-rust and continues to serve you for years, without any need of replacements.

The products hence, prove to be highly cost-effective for the customers. And, as far as the stainless steel bottles from INOX are concerned, they are a must-buy, also because of their reasonable price. You get bottles with easy to use twist open cover, and a tea strainer, to pour tea and coffee with ease.

The best of these products can be found on this online store, which also gives you nationwide free shipping and free returns for up to 14 days from the date of purchase, valid on all products.Why choose INOX?• High quality stainless steel used for the products• Anti-rust quality, with double wall vacuum insulation for retaining the temperature of the beverage • Stylish fashionable looks 


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