I Advice” which included some common topics on

I like that www.babycenter.com offered blogs to the
visitors. I also really enjoyed the community tab. I think it is amazing that
moms can post questions and other moms can help answer, or even post tips for
newborns. I think that is beneficial for new mothers. The also offer “Expert Advice”
which included some common topics on issues mother’s might struggle with like
naming their baby, tracking the average size of their baby, and a pregnancy
checklist. I believe all these options are helpful for moms who are having
their first child, or even moms who have had children before but are having a
new situation in their second pregnancy.

The only thing
that I can find a little frustrating, is the overwhelming amount of information
there is on the website. I know it is beneficial to have plenty of information,
but in my opinion, there is such thing as too much information. I’m trying to
imagine being hormonal and navigating through the website, and it seems like it
might be a disaster. I am not pregnant and extremely hormonal, and it is a little
frustrating for me, so I can only imagine what it would be like for someone in
that state. There are also a lot of ads, and pop-ups to sign up for things on
this particular website, which again, could be beneficial or highly annoying.
To me, it is annoying, but to a mom who may want to sign up for a emails this
could be helpful.

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I think the website could be very effective for expecting moms and longtime
moms. They have options to explore and research topics on their own, or post
questions and get feedback from other moms. It is also nice that they have a
safe place to go where they are amongst people who are dealing with similar
things. Being a mom can be confusing as far as identity, I’m sure, and I would
think it is nice to have somewhere to go where you can talk about issues you
have. I also think it could be a great way to network and make new friends.
Sometimes when a young woman or lady gets pregnant, she can lose friends who
don’t support her or agree with all her decisions, so it is a positive option
to have people to relate to.