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I think this news article is a mouthpiece of the Democratic Party. I am not from this country but spent more than a decade here. It took Obama twice to be elected to trump in White’s office. I am on a visa, so I have some insight on some immigration issues. Work as my husband has been a consultant and visit 10a Thursdays at 4 pm Monday. M weekly in the last 12 years. With long story short, dreamers should not be focusing on issues. Immigration effects are many ways in legal residents.

Visa fraud is a major issue. Mr. Trump’s “shithole countries” remark is unfair but to some extent hit point because most immigrants from these countries are working as cab-drivers or low-paying jobs. They are eating up the jobs of the average American and putting more burden services on social. Most of them apply for food stamps or State services. In this scenario, what should the USA be, inviting and maintaining skilled workers who can contribute to their society or people who have already stretched out the social service system.

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 “The program is susceptible to fraud and many diversity visa applicants are more difficult to verify for developing countries, where fraudulent documentation may be more readily available. Consequently, the program also permits human traffickers and others who have been exploited by false claims of familial ties to Anya foreign nationals to immigrate to the United States. ” Grassley)

According to UCIS, ending DACA would affect 800,000 viewing. It is not a single person Chinook, it will take toll on the whole family. Relations will be serious, and depression will be LUm The families of dependents have more than they made here. Children should be held to jimmedar their mothers wrong. The Congress decided to give 6 months to come up with the option before politicians, stated by the type of agreement.

Wrapping up, my two cents position about this. If it’s a situation then what about the Rohingya, the European nations are if Anya immigrants from the countries.

On the moral side why human nations need walls to live peacefully. In a capitalist world, what skills are needed or sympathetic?