I passed outmy 10th standard from Punjab school education board which is areputed board in india. Further I have completed my 12th standard inmedical science from same board. I completed my graduation in Bachelor ofhomoeopathy medicine and surgery from Guru ravidas ayurved university,hoshiarpur with 61%.

After completion of academic study, I completed myinternship at hospital situated within institute. I attended various seminarsduring my internship to enhance my knowledge and skill. I also completedproject work on one medicine. After performing outstanding in project work, Ibecame constituent of 5 member team which plans community activities, thisindeed help me in learnt basic of strategy and management. Aftercompletion of my graduation, I obtained required medical license from councilof homoeopathic system of medicine. Afterwards, I begin my own clinic “HomoeoHome homoeopathic clinic” and started work as a physician. As a physician Iplay role in analyze the medical condition of the patient and gathering medicalhistory, maintain accurate medical records and documents, strictly maintainedconfidentiality of patients, colleagues, and any sensitive situations,interaction with patients, prescribe treatment options and answer theirquestions regarding the disease and the treatment, arranging meetings toinspect recovery during and after treatment. Through myclinical experience, I learnt various skills  like support patient and building confidencein person who has low self-esteem, taking decisions under stress, settingrealistic goal and achieve them.

I believe my clinical experience will aid inmaster study.   I attractedto the public health so eagerly because of its focus on disease prevention asopposed to treatment. During my experience in the clinic, I came to know thatpeople are unaware about preventive health. In india, people are suffering fromvarious diseases, conditions that are either unknown in developed countries, orhighly preventable.

A general lack of preventive medicine and education resultin surge in number of preventable diseases, which can be easily preventive byproper policy and strategy management. Other issue that is impacting healthcaresystem is its high cost. In developing countries, people remain untreated justbecause of high healthcare cost. This is a result of poor policy and shortsightedness. The publichealth course covers a wide range of areas, including health care industry,public works and even public policy. Public health is most important aspect ofmedicine.

It can prevent the disease and bring solutions to health issues likeno other field. So I believe in developing countries like india where there isa lack of medical and paramedical facilities, a physician must have rootknowledge of public health.And thiscourse will help me to develop the capacity to organize, analyze, interpret andcommunicate knowledge in an applied manner.  After a vastresearch on internet and from other sources, I aware that “The health sciencedepartment of western Sydney university” is highly prestigious and universityhas great reputation for academic excellence and research. Thus it comes undertop 2% universities in the world. Even ERA 2015 shows the excellence ofuniversity.

I believe joining course in western Sydney would be a optimum way forme to  be enabled to employ my personalqualities.My academiccuriosity compelled me to study abroad and I also want step out of comfort zoneand obtained a cutting edge.  I chooseAustralia because it is globally recognized source of high quality education.Australia has 5 out of 30 best student cities in the world. Major discoverieslike Pencillin, ultrasound, wifi innovation are result of Australianinnovation.

Australia is multicultural and safe, so students can travel withoutany fear. Australia law promote quality education and protection forinternational students.  My studiesin public health will go very long way to helping me grasp the proper conceptand roots needed to bring sustainable solutions to problems. After master inpublic health,I will join a organization and NGO to gain further experience inthis field. Thus, after getting sufficient experience I will return to my homecountry and employ my learning in the field of public health with fullpotential. I seek myself as a establisher if global organization who will workin the field of public health. So with my assistance and vision, we can shareresources and reduce costs, becoming more efficient and making this worldbetter for everyone.

 I aware Ineed extensive knowledge to achieve this goal. But I am assured, with myprevious experience in medical field and after completing master in publichealth, I can achieve this.Thanks forconsidering my application,  


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