I have always had a healthy dose of curiosity from since I was a child until now.  From a young age I would often read about famous researchers and their revolutionary discoveries. Their scientific curiosity led to breakthroughs that changed the course of history and I have made that my aspiration. My parents, both of which are involved the life sciences field, have been my role models all my life and have enthusiastically encouraged my interests over the years. As a child I would often spend time at my mother’s pharmacy or at my father’s lab, always asking questions about my surroundings. It was a constant stream of “How are you doing that?” “What are you doing?”; all the hows, whats, and whys I could possibly think of (probably annoying them in the process). I repeated this process with everything around me, Would this taste good? Would this hurt a lot? What would happen if I did this? These questions where my early version of the scientific method, my early versions of science experiments.

Not only did I have to witness the wonders myself, I desired to understand the causes behind these events. Because of this quality, I felt myself becoming increasingly fascinated in research. I became determined to use my love of science to benefit society but could not decide on a specific career choice to accomplish such goals.

For me it was easy to decide what I wanted to study in college, biology, but hard to decide what I wanted become as biology is such a broad field. However, this indecisiveness quickly changed at my summer internship. It has shaped my dream: to become a pathologist. Pure memorization from a textbook hadn’t installed that passion – applying practical knowledge had. At my internship, I shadowed at my father’s lab over the summer where I was able to conduct experiments on how certain drugs affected Cystic Fibrosis cells as well as learn about the lab techniques and real life research experience I wasn’t able to get in a school setting. Everyday was like a new discovery for me. With this, I am eager to pursue a biological sciences degree from the Agricultural and Life Sciences College at Cornell University since it will help me achieve hands on experience in my field of study and will provide me with the training and knowledge that will assist me in my future in medicine. The academic prestige of Cornell alone is already a top reason for me to want to attend this school but the benefits of small class sizes as well as the countless great majors, programs, and internship opportunities of CALS are what really make the school unique.

These incredible opportunities will allow me to keep on exploring what I love head on, allowing me to apply classroom knowledge to real life situations. Cornell, a place where the arts and sciences meet, will truly help me become a well-rounded individual, and pursue all my passions collectively. Cornell is a place known for where students go on to meet the needs of our changing world as well as a place where academic rigor is a top priority.  My passion for expanding my knowledge has been evident throughout my life and I would love to go to a school where my principles are valued greatly.


I'm Katy!

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