I bought 31 shares of best buy, 30 shares of carbonite inc., 40 shares of genetic technologies, 20 shares of hyatt hotel, 12 shares of mcdonald’s, 20 shares of phillips 66, 31 shares of target, 17 of united air lines, and 20 shares of yogaworks.Best buy is an electronic company that sells all of the latest electronics and gadgets. I’m not really sure what carbonite inc is or genetic technologies. Hyatt hotel is a hotel chain.

Mcdonald’s is a fast food chain. Phillips is a brand for electronics such as tvs and speaker systems. Target is a retail store that sells clothing for men, women and children as well as groceries.

United air lines is an airport. Yogaworks is a brand for yoga equipment. The method that i used to purchase my stocks is very sophisticated, not everyone can accomplish this level of stock buying. Basically i typed in a random letter in the search box and clicked of the first company that showed up, then i bought as many as i could.

During the time that i owned the stocks i noticed that my method of random buying happens to be profitable. I had only two of the 9 stocks be in the negatives. Genetic technologies was -3.04 and yogaworks was -4.80. So i guess i did pretty good considering i had no idea what i was doing. Had i known what i know now i probably wouldn’t buy genetic technologies or yogaworks. Instead i would’ve bought more hyatt hotel shares and mcdonald’s.

Other than that i’m fine since i really did do bad.Although buying stocks and bonds is fun-ish, it’s not the only way to save for retirement. You can open up a savings account and place 10% of your check in there and it will eventually get some interest the longer you leave it in the better. Also there are some jobs that offer a retirement plan and they help you save money as long as you stay there for a while. In all honesty buying stocks and bonds is a very risky way of saving for retirement because, the stock that you invested in can easily drop and make you lose money which can make you broker than you originally were.After completing the stock market game i learned that i probably should never invest in stocks because i have no technique.

I also learned that around the holidays no one wants yoga equipment but they do want electronics, just not from genetic technologies.   


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