I have been motivated and filled with positivity since I grew up. My dream was not like any other child’s dream to be a doctor or an engineer; my dream was something that helped me shape my decisions throughout my life. Since I joined college, I have been trying to decide how I can enable myself to not only help others but make them realize their dreams as well.

This idea solidified when I moved to New York by myself. I had to make sure that not only I kept myself disciplined but also by staying positive.  Since joining college, I started to make new friends and tried to understand different cultures that my college offered. I wanted to learn pretty much everything, know everyone and what were their goals in life.

Although I was only a freshman, I signed up to become an Orientation leader. I wished to embark on a journey that would not only help me learn about my passion but also help new students understand about different resources available on our campus. I started getting involved with people who not only wanted a better academic campus but also bring together the diverse community to help each other. Later, I was nominated to become a mentor for new students due to my contributions to the college community. It helped me realize that I would pursue a career as a H.R trainer and a mentor.

In order to take this step in my educational career, I have applied for many different scholarships notably the Excelsior, but after getting approved I was told that I did not qualify just because I am 3 credits short of graduating on time. Throughout my life I have always been passionate about contributing community and working with leaders for a better tomorrow. It became clear to me upon entering my college that my focus should be towards Human Resource Management and Training. Joining this college helped me realize that being able to work with so many diverse communities is a blessing.

I realized this when they all came together to support me when they found out about my mother’s heart attack. it was something that I had not expected. It not only left me physically and emotionally exhausted, but I ended up using all of my savings for her surgeries. I never thought that visiting my mother would turn out so traumatic. Thankfully after three by pass by surgery she recovered well. To this day I cannot forget everything that transpired during that.

Sleeping on cold hospital floors, trying to console her that everything would be alright not knowing what she was really going through was very heart breaking from me. My parents never had the capacity to fund my college education. I moved to U.S for a better life and to support them. I have always given my best in the studies knowing that it is my only hope for a better life. I live alone in this city without any family members.

Supporting myself, my parents is not an easy task as well as trying to graduate on time adds more pressure on my shoulders. Throughout my college life I have tried my very best to achieve my goals through hard work and determination. I have worked 2 to 3 jobs at random times to support myself and my family. I have taken out loans, won some scholarships to make sure I can graduate on time. I deserve a shot at a better life, not only for myself and my family but also, I intend to help others after I am capable enough. My journey has taken several leaps and bounds but I believe all of this has made me a better person who is not only responsible for himself but others as well. I am passionate about being there for others and I am more determined to achieve what I am here for.

I am only 3 semesters away from achieving one of my dreams.I do plan to go for a graduate degree after but for not I want to graduate, and I am reliant on grants and scholarships to help me achieve this dream. These scholarships and grants will help me to receive excellent education in my college as well as pay my tuition for which I need help for.

Likewise, by supporting my education these funds will enable me to spread my newfound insight and knowledge to further educate the people around me. I thank you so much for your consideration.


I'm Katy!

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